How I Met Kang Mi Rae - Part 1

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I am breaking the ice! I know I haven't been sharing lately. Life just happened.

Here's my first entry for 2019!

Kang Mi-Rae Peg OOTD

I'll be sharing to you one of the best weekends I had ever in my entire life! This can be quite long because I want to share how the twists and turns of events made everything fell into the right place.

It's not a secret that Korean Dramas has been more than just a past-time hobby for me. Because it has been one of my obsessions, I was so happy we were able to get promo tickets to Korea and was supposed to fly September 21st of 2018. Unfortunately, because I am one lazy ass, I haven't completed my passport requirements on time so it got cancelled. The entire Korea trip got cancelled.

My ID is Gangnam Beauty is currently (yes, because there's no moving on yet) my latest craze. I even made an unprofessional review of it right here. The day I found out that they will be having their reward vacation to Cebu on October 19, without thinking twice, I re-booked our Davao-Cebu tickets quickly. Lucky me,  our flight has been bugging us with the flight changes so I got the option to re-book the tickets for free!!! No to Korea, YES TO CEBU!!

It was crazy how we ended up booking the exact place where they were staying and there's a funny story behind that but it's just gonna make this post longer. So I'm gonna go ahead and start telling you about what everyone has been asking me about... How I met Kang Mi Rae!

When one of my KDrama friends found out that Im Soo-hyang does not have an official fanbase yet and mostly just fan pages, we decided to create one. When we presented ourselves and asked Im Soo-hyang through her management about her opinion on fandom names, she liked Amari among the suggestions. I then attempted to ask if we can hand her gifts since she will be coming to the Philippines. To make that long story short, we ended up being invited by Im Soo-hyang herself to an exclusive meet-up with her during her stay in Cebu when it was just supposed to be meeting them at the airport.

Lunch at Cebu's famous Pungko-Pungko

Cebu I.T. Park

The short vacation did not started out very smoothly actually. Since JPark Island Resort is really really expensive, we can't afford our whole 4 nights stay so we decided to check-in on a hostel nearby and booked at Jpark Island Resort for a night only. When we arrived though, we found out that the hostel booked for us was very far from the airport and very far from Jpark. We, then have to ride a taxi from the airport to our supposed hostel. While on the road, talking to the driver, the traffic was super heavy and it's really taking so long to arrive. So I decided to cancel our booking and booked another hostel near Jpark and the airport. Since we are already at Ayala, we had our lunch and as foolishly as it may seem, we grabbed a taxi going back to our new hostel. We spent almost 1400 pesos just for the taxi fare that day. We arrived at our hostel so exhausted that we actually just slept the rest of the day. We stayed at Hotel Europa, just 22 minutes away from the Airport and 18 minutes away to Jpark Island Resort. I booked via Agoda app and it was the most convenient thing I did in Cebu.
Double Dough Tango Pizza - Lapu Lapu

Pork Steak 

Tuna Belly


The second day was another tiring day for us. We had to run here and there to prepare for their arrival. We had one super funny experience... we thought that getting a big tarpaulin not to mention we needed 3 banners, is easy. When we woke up the second day.. I went ahead and searched for the nearest printing shop... I found one very near but we were told that we should have ordered early because they can no longer accommodate even if we pay extra for doing it rush. There's a small mall near our hostel so we decided to go there to check if we can find a printing shop... I found another printing shop near, I was calling her to get the exact location because at the map it says it is near the subdivision in front of the mall where we are. We decided to ride a taxi only to find out it is just literally in front of the mall! It was one funny and unforgettable taxi ride in Cebu.

I really want to mention the print shop because the quality of the banner they printed for us was so good and it's cheap and they're very accommodating. But I just have to apologize because I forgot the name... I remember that it is located at Marketplace Collinwood in Basak, Lapu-Lapu, just in front of Gaisano Grand Mall Lapu Lapu.

After that short intermission, we had lunch while waiting at Double Dough Tango Pizza just in the same building where the shop is. We also had a super quick fan gathering just to gather the people who wants to see Im Soo-hyang and Cha Eun-woo at the Airport. We had a good conversation at Cookpub though we were really expecting a lot of people and only a few showed up. I will have a separate post for Cookpub! I really would like to thank them for being so accommodating.

We went to the airport around 6pm and we thought we had to gather early because there might be a lot of fans who will wait for them. It was surely an unforgettable waiting game that night. I even hyperventilated because of excitement and regretted ordering a coffee with extra shot. While we're waiting at the coffee shop, Im Soo-hyang posted a video of her with Eun-woo and we screamed inside the cafe making all the heads turn to our table. Haha

Im Soo-hyang and Cha Eun-woo were expected to arrive by 11:40pm but it took them an hour before finally coming out. The worst thing that happened that day was when they arrived, though I had my glasses on, I only saw them barely because they were mobbed, especially Eun-woo. Before they arrived, I had to do a short briefing with the fans who were there to meet them, however, all of that went out of the window. I guess Eun-woo was just too handsome for them to calm down. It was actually a disappointing incident but... we really can't control that.

Now I may need to apologize first because we never really had a decent photo of them. Just a video, not even decent! LOL! But meeting them at the airport is sooo worth it. Especially when Soo-hyang said that she saw our banner and it was pretty!

Since this had been really quite long, and I apologize as it is very detailed. This will serve as my keepsake for happiest weekend. I know I'd be happy to read this when I get old.

Don't forget to read my next post. MEETING Kang Mi-Rae D-Day! That's the most exciting part! *wink*


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