Outfit Post: Kim Go Eun X Uniqlo X Sunshine

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Heyah! Since it's Friday and while I am still waiting for My ID is Gangnam Beauty's 15th episode which will be aired tonight and will be available on VIU Ph tomorrow at dawn, here's an ice breaker!!!

So early this year, I found some friends who I shared my super kabaliwan with KDrama, specifically, Goblin, Gong Yoo, Kim Go Eun and Gong Yoo - Kim Go Eun (hands up if you get it! haha). I've been crazy about them since Goblin and I was so happy I am not alone. Anyway, one of them... Momma Jasmin, went to Korea last March and that was like a month after Uniqlo realeased their newest collection featuring Kim Go Eun! And Momma Jaz being the best fairy godmother to GongGo shippers, she gave me a Uniqlo dress that can only be bought in Korea and exactly what Kim Go Eun wore on her Marie Claire magazine feature!! And because the pasalubong was so extra, I did my OOTD post a little extra too!!

Okay. Libre lait!

Dress: Uniqlo
Ji Eun Tak's Necklce from Goblin: Stylus Jewelry
Watch: Triwa (also endorsed by Kim Go Eun)

I super love the vintage vibe of the dress...the floral dots, the mustard color, the wrap-around design, and OMG, there are pockets!!! 

I paired it with my thrifted vintage black loafers. Bought it for only 50 pesos and now it's overused!

And I am also pretty sure I will be overusing this dress.

Tell me what you think! 


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