Nippon Paint celebrates Business Partners’ Night, launches Acrylic Skim Coat in Davao

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Revelation of the New Product, Nippon Paint Acrylic Skim Coat

Finally, a paint brand that will less hurt your business productivity, health and mother nature! 

NPCP launched its new Nippon Paint Acrylic Skim Coat, a
low-odor, water-based and truly eco-friendly skim coat, in the market. It was during their Business Partner's Night held in Davao City. 

Nippon Paint Sales and Marketing Team.

Nippon Paint Team with their Business Partners.

Ms. Gladys Goh, Group General Manager (Nippon Paint M-Group)

Nippon Paint (Coatings) Philippines, Inc. (NPCP) went to Davao City recently to celebrate its “Appreciation Night” for its business partners in that city and to launch a revolutionary skim coat product.

It is easier to use and truly cost efficient since you don’t have to buy several cans. It has a wider coverage since one kilogram of Nippon Paint Acrylic Skim Coat can cover 4-5 square meters of surface already. It is ready to use and can be painted on already since it dries quickly (30 minutes for touch dry, 1 hour for hard dry, 2 hours after recoating), smoother and without the powdery feel.

Aside from thanking its business partners in Davao and the launch of Nippon Paint Acrylic Skim Coat, Gladys Goh, Group General Manager of Nippon Paint M-Group, likewise talked about NPCP’s value proposition to the market. She cited that amid the rising issues in the construction industry, paint and coatings can provide the necessary support by creating more paint colors than the usual through Nippon Paints’ more than 30 product lines. The company also has a complete line of coating solutions that can be applied on various surfaces for more flexibility and ease of use that even kids can paint. She said paint and coatings also supports the growing “green” movement through its environment-friendly line of paint and coatings. 

These are the Nippon Paint “Green Choice” range, which includes the Nippon Paint Odor-Less Air Care, formulated with Ant-Formaldehyde and Active Carbon Technology, and Hydro-Gloss/Matt with Zero to Ultra-Low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) that are Lead and Mercury-free for interior use. There is also the coatings line such as Nippon Water Repellent Paint Solution, Nippon Slate Finish, Nippon Flexiseal Elastomeric Membrane, and Nippon Expresskote Sealer for better performance and ease of maintenance.

On the other hand, NPCP General Manager Mr. Michael Francisco also reiterated the company’s commitment to discover the best, most innovative, most eco-friendly coating products in the industry. He also assured everyone that NPCP will continue to provide the best technical support to its customers in Asia and the Philippines as he recognized their business partners’ unwavering support.

“You were all instrumental in helping us achieve what we are now and with your continuous support, we believe that Nippon Paint will soon become one of the leading brands here in the Philippines,” Mr. Francisco said.

He also thanked the architects and the designers that specify Nippon Paint for their projects, the distribution partners that make sure Nippon Paint will be always available, and the developers and contractors that trusted the company for their projects in Mindanao.

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