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When everything went digital, it is still a little nicer to have your memories held and kept. I just received a photobook from Storybook.Ph and I really love it.

Storybook Ph turns memorable photos into beautiful photobooks, unique prints on wood, and exciting canvas wall art, making memories to be remembered forever. Founded in 2012, Storybook Ph affirms to be the first and only company in the Philippines to offer waterproof and tear-proof photobooks.

Here's what I like about the Storybook.Ph photobook:

It was really easy to do the layout online. You don't need to be a professional layout artist to make your photobook. All you need to do is visit their website, follow instructions, drop your photos, and fit them on your desired template. Add it to your cart, fill in your information, and pay! Payment options are BDO or Paypal. It won't take you hours to create them unless you want a very detailed one.

Here's a video of how easy I created the layout of my photobook.

The output was really great. It is how I imagined it to be. I got a little worried because some of the photos I used was taken from a camera phone years ago but it still turned out great!

Another thing I liked about is that, it is very affordable! Now you can make photobooks with every events, every travel, every memories you want to keep forever. It starts from Php349 to Php4000.

I'll be ordering more and will be keeping my memories remembered forever with Storybooks Ph! Maybe i'll try the wall canvas next time! 

Thanks for reading! Till next!!

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