Lacto Mom's First Breastfeeding Talk: Pumping Working Mothers

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Lacto Mom Tricia in collaboration with brestfeeding mommy of had their first breastfeeding talk last September 8, at Purge Coffee Roaster. I am so happy to be one of the few lucky moms who were able to attend the event.

It was attended by about 15 expectant and new mothers who wishes to know more about breastfeeding and how to succeed and continue  even when returning to work.

It was an exciting event for mothers who now knew more about the rights of a breastfeeding mom according to Republic Act No. 10028:

Mommy Monica also shared what to prepare before returning to work and how much milk is needed by a 2 or 3-month old baby within 3 months maternity leave. Among the topics too are the essentials needed when pumping at work and storing milk which includes: 

  • electric/manual pump
  • storage bags
  • ice packs 
  • insulated bags or cooler 
  • marker 
  • water 
  • kitchen towel or napkins or tissues 
  • optional pump adapter
And lastly, the mommies were taught about the Do's and Don'ts of storing milk in the household.

It was a fun and very imformative morning for the working mothers and expectant mothers who also enjoyed treats and giveaways from Lacto Mom, Milkaholic, Storked, and Laurel & Co

Mommy Tricia will be having more breastfeeding and parenting talks to come and I'm looking forward to it! Hope you are too!


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