Thoughts: Sunset In My Hometown (Korean Movie)

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Movie: Sunset In My Hometown
Revised Romanization: Byeonsan
Starring: Kim Go Eun, Park Jung Min
Running Time: 2hours and 3min
Language: Korean

Hak-soo an unsuccessful rapper living in a small room in Seoul, having multiple jobs to sustain his living, faced another defeat for the 6th time in a Rap TV Talent show. He recieved a phone call from his hometown Byeonsan telling him to visit his father who suffered a stroke just recently.
As much as he hate going home, he went back reluctantly and met the people who were the reason why he left home in the first place. He met Sun-mi, his high school classmate who had a crush on him since then. Returning home, he confronted the fears he’d been running away from for 10 years.

I’ve watched this movie last week and I was trying my best not to post anything about it yet because we’re not so sure if there’s more international screenings and we’ve been really hoping for it. I also thought that this movie won’t be much appreciated by my friends and followers because it’s Korean and subtitles are extra. But since most drama and movie sites have uploaded the movie with English subtitle, it’s inevitable to keep it from spreading. Now, this is another me arguing “ Why not? It’s definitely worth the try to share!” and winning. So here’s my heart poured out into writing about this another great movie and here’s me convincing you to try and watch it.

I honestly wanted to watch the movie because of Kim Go Eun. I thought I’d be really biased with my thoughts about this movie because I am a KGE fan. Surprisingly, though Kim Go Eun has always been really outstanding in her performances, the first and topmost reason why I love the movie is not KGE but Park Jung Min, the male lead. Park Jung Min nailed his role as Hak-soo and reached the depth of my unforgiving heart. 

The movie’s theme never appeared to be appealing. When the trailers were first released, it showed Hak-soo rapping and Sun Mi not in her most flattering appearance, so I’m a little less interested, if it’s not Kim Go Eun, I’d never bother to watch the movie just by watching the trailers. BUT... a very, very big HOWEVER... the movie got me in its first 20 minutes. I’m not even into rap! 

Sunset In My Hometown features a heartwarming story of a dreamer with a broken soul who was forced to deal with his painful past. It also shared a story of a faithful love who went through disappointments,  stood at the edge of the earth, convincing her to forfeit and leave, but never gave up. I always have a thing for unrequited love, not to mention that it’s first love, so this is the only part I am biased. 

Now you might think this movie is sentimental (I cried thrice!) but it isn’t just it. There’s humour and there’s expression of talents. You MIGHT cry, laugh, and be amazed all at the same time. 

To be honest, I might really a bit emotional about the movie because it hit home. It brought me to the feelings that are familiar yet well kept and hidden for a long time. I don’t know if it’s convincing enough but then again, it’s very much worth the try (the convincing-you-to-watch part). And this is the part where I’ll say, these are just my own thoughts and opinion about the movie. We might have different views and perspective and if that’s the case, I’d be happy to know your thoughts too. 

Sharing my favorite qoutes from the movie: 

“Hak Soo, even the dogs don’t abandon their family. If you don’t go, it’s the same as your dad not attending her funeral...” 
- Hak Soo’s Highschool Friend.

“I’m not sad about her passing, she left this hell to be in heaven... finally finding stillness and peace. The source of unhappiness, wanting to push him into depths of hell but she said not to hate my father.” 
- Family, Jung Min Park (Rap verse)

“If your feelings from 12 years ago still remain intact, I will love you, and love the way I love you.”  
- Sunset, Jung Min Park (Rap verse)

Hak-soo: Am I the first love in your book?
Sun-mi: I told you I’m a sunset fanatic. The one who made me discover the sunset was you. I’ve seen sunsets countless times while living here, but I’ve never seen it like that before. It’s majestic but also pretty, pretty but also sad. If something so sad can be so beautiful, I thought it woudn’t be so sad anymore, and I wondered how long you’ve been staring it from the grave.  I started liking sunsets from that day, and decided to become a writer....

I’d like to share more but I might give it all away.

BONUS! Link to Byunsan Monologue Album on Spotify:

Thank you for reading! 


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