Airport Style: Velvet Skirt

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I'm just pretty much like those girls who, when obsessing over something, I get so immersed that it becomes part of my daily life... I don't know if its just going to be a phase but since I've been watching Korean Dramas lately, it has become my style.

Last June 29, I flew to Manila to celebrate Kim Go Eun's birthday with my fan girlfriends. Here's what I wore at the Airport.

When I was looking around me that time, I realized I'm glammed up and I was feeling overdressed. And I also realized that being overdressed is sooooo me. So I didn't care. 

You know, one thing that makes me so excited lately is dressing up. Since I've been just working at home, I rarely go out and I'm too lazy to dress up for nothing. I don't have a really good background for an OOTD photo too. So whenever I get the chance to go out, I always dress up. 

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is... nobody ever told me yet that I'm dressing way too much. So I think I'll always be "dressed to kill." 😘

My turtle neck top is ancient. I forgot where I got them but it has been kept for years. Found out that it's just a perfect pair for my velvet skirt. I got my velvet skirt from an online thrift shop. 

So what do you think? Am I overdressed? 

Life is short to wear boring clothes! 😉

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