#THEGGONEPROJECT: KGEPh Celebrated Kim Go Eun's Birthday at House of Refuge

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Last June 30, Kim Go Eun Philippines, the official fans club of Kim Go Eun in the Philippines celebrated her 28th Birthday at the House of Refuge in Quezon City.

Kim Go Eun, best known for her role as Ji Eun Tak or the Goblin's Bride in the Korean drama Goblin, turned 28 last July 2.

With so much love for her, her Filipino fans spent a day with the lovely kids in HORFI to celebrate her birthday. The kids were entertained with games and magic show. They also shared a fun and delicious lunch prepared by the members of KGEph with the help of Issa Party Project Catering Services and Events. The charity event concluded with the members giving away party bags and goodies to 27 kids sheltered by HORFI.


HORFI or House of Refuge Foundation Inc, is a licensed child-caring institution which gave a shelter and provided basic needs to abandoned and neglected street children in Quezon City. They had been a home to street children since 1986, served more than 1000 children and currently cares 37 children ages ranging from 4-17 years old.

More about Kim Go Eun

Kim Go Eun who won several awards in her debut movie is now one of the most sought actress in South Korea. She also received a lot of love internationally, as a matter of fact, apart from Arjenia, her Official Fan Cafe, her biggest fan base is in the Philippines.

She had been busy recently with the promotion of her latest movie Sunset in My Hometown (Byeonsan) with actor Park Jung-Min. The movie premiered 4th of July and still currently showing in South Korean Cinemas. It has been said that Byeonsan also had it's international screening.

Kim Go Eun also starred in Cheese in The Trap, Monster, Coin Locker and Eun Gyo.

Check out the SDE video below:

On June 30, KGEPH held a charity event at the House of Refuge to celebrate Kim Go-eun's 28th birthday dubbed #TheGGoneProject. - We would like to extend our gratitude to House of Refuge for allowing us to celebrate this wonderful day with them. Also, a big thank you to @jazmeeh25 for helping us make this happen. And to everyone who joined us and donated their time and effort, mga besh.. you know who you are! Salamuch! πŸ˜„πŸ˜€ - To @justkge and @everybodyssunshine for helping with the video, Kamsahamnida! ❤️ - And finally, a heartfelt thank you to @ggonekim for keeping us inspired everyday. - #HappyGoEunDay #김고은 #kimgoeun #ι‡‘ι«˜ιŠ€ #ΰΈ„ิฑโกอึΰΈ™ #キムゴウン #byeonsan #SunsetInMyHometown #μ•„λ₯΄μ œλ‹ˆμ•„ #arjenia @ggonekim
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Kim Go Eun Philippines would like to thank Issa Party Project Catering Services and Events, Ms. Jasmin Capillan, HORFI and to all the members who took part with the project.

If you want to know more about House of Refuge Foundation Inc, you can visit their website to learn about their programs and campaigns, donation and volunteer details.

Also check out Kim Go Eun Philippines Official Accounts:

And to answer your question.... YES, I'm one of them. I'm a proud Kim Go Eun fan!


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