Double the Fun with Kinder Joy, Super Mom!

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As a mom, watching your kids overflow with happiness is one of the best feelings in the world. Have you ever tried walking into a toy store, thinking, “My son would be happy to have this…?” or have you ever felt so excited while getting tickets to their favorite movie?
Being with them, playing with them and bonding with them are luxuries that a mom like me can't have often. I am a work-from-home mom (a dream come true) with many other hats: a marketing director, social media manager, and a virtual general assistant to multiple clients. I work so much that whenever I get extra time, I mostly spend it to rest and sleep.

I would love to have some fun ways to bond with my kids. As luck would have it, I just thought of a solution to this dilemma with one of the best treats for kids today...Kinder Joy! It is an egg-shaped treat made up of two separate sealed halves. One side of the egg contains a sweet treat that consists of two creams – milky and cocoa cream – with 2 crispy wafer balls. The other side contains an exciting surprise toy.

Whenever I get through a project at the end of the day, I’d leave my desk, grab my son, and walk hand-in-hand with him to a 7-11 branch that is just two blocks away from our house to get a Kinder Joy treat. He is always so excited that he can’t wait to go home to check his toy and share the chocolate with me! This makes up our best days, always. Both of us are chocolate lovers so it makes me feel like a kid once again.

Kinder Joy is available in all leading retailers, 24/7 convenience stores and supermarkets. Even grocery shopping has become one of our best bonding moments because of this. What I’m trying to say is… Kinder Joy doubles the fun, not just because of the chocolate and the exciting surprise toy inside but because it’s not just going to be your kid's happiness, but yours, too!

For a super busy mom like me, it doesn’t really take much time to grab a Kinder Joy egg, sit with your kids, and enjoy a sweet little surprise with them! Hurry, go get on the #worldofkj today! #kinderjoyphilippines

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