Top 5 Reasons Why I Love LactoMom!

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Hello from a proud breastfeeding Momma here. We're still on it and Olivia's a year and 8 months old now. Though she's no longer purely breastfed, because she eats and I give her formula twice a day, I am still happy that Olivia is 70% a breastfed girl. I wanna share one of the reasons why I survived breastfeeding this long: LactoMom lactation goodies!

Dark Chocolate Cookies - Photo grabbed from Lacto Mom's Facebook Page. 
Caramel Oatmeal Cookies - ALL TIME FAVE! Photo grabbed from Lacto Mom's Facebook Page. 

Top 5 reasons why I love LactoMom lactation goodies:

5. LactoMom is a Davao based shop and I am in Davao! I know this is pretty biased but I really love the fact that we could meet up rather than just talk online.

4. LactoMom Tricia is just one of the best sellers in the entire universe! She's honest, very accommodating, and she cares for her clients turned breastfriends genuinely. She gives you advises and helps you when she can... especially when it's about your breastfeeding journey.

3. The price is reasonable, the packaging is okay, the shipping, delivery (through Kuya Juan) and pick-up area is good... overall online experience is top-rated!

2. I always tell Mommy Trish that I can't have a decent photo of her cookies because I want to get the best photo but my mouth can't wait for a perfect lighting and a flatlay set-up! They're gone before I know it! LactoMom goodies are just so yummy that I couldn't resist. And this is my super honest opinion.

1. LactoMom does not guarantee good results... not because lactation goodies does not work but because it's not just going to be the goodies alone. Supply increase will also depend on how a Mom takes care of herself. She needs to be stress-free, well-rested, fully hydrated and healthy. I made this the top reason because LactoMom does not just offer the goodies, it also comes with the list of do's and don'ts, a breastfriend, the heart of a Mom, and a sincere prayer. These are the reasons why Lacto Mom goodies works all the time!

And those are my 5 reasons!

Lacto Mom gets 5 stars from me!!

Check out Lacto Mom and let me know what you think! If you're a Lacto Mom fan too, you can comment down your reviews as well!

Bonus: Like her Facebook Page and you'll see a lot more reasons to love Lacto Mom! She posts anything related to breastfeeding and parenting.

Number: 09778241940

You can also find Lacto Mom goodies at Storked PH.

More info:

As for now, I'll go ahead and call Mommy Trish for another set of her goodies! 
Till next time! Ciao!! 

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