Things You Need To Know About GummiBand!

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Hey lovelies!

Have you heard of GummiBand traceless hair cords? I'm sure you did! These are just the newest hair trend in town and I'm also sure that you know why it is so popular lately. But just in case you need more juicy facts about the latest hair buzz... it is my pleasure to share. Read on!!

First of all, I want to tell you an absolute fact. These hair cords are highly addictive. Let me tell you a few reasons why.

GummiBands do not hurt.

Unlike the other types of hair cords, GummiBands do not tug your hair and will not give you headaches even for long hours of use.  They are very gentle on your hair but...

GummiBands are strong enough to hold that thick hair.

Yes! You heard it right. It is suitable for all types of hair... short, long, thick or thin. You don't have to worry of keeping your hair in place while wearing your pony tails the whole day. GummiBands will keep it safe and sound. Safe? Eh?

GummiBands are light and gentle...

I know I mentioned gentle 3 times but I promise! Your beautiful just-newly-straightened hair is safe with these amazing hair cords. It reduces breakage and styling damage, does not add bumps or kinks!!

GummiBands can be not just any mom's best friend, it can be your kid's Bff too! Why?

Because these hair cords are hypoallergenic! They do not absorb water or sweat so there's no room for bacteria! Say goodbye to those cloth hair ties and say hello to the healthier option! Only make sure that your kids are 3 years old and above.

You think you've heard everything? There's more!!

GummiBands work like magic! I know you think hair cords are disposable... but GummiBands aren't! These wonderful hair cords are reusable for years! When the cord stretches out, you can get a bowl of hot water and dip it in, or warm it up using a hair dryer and voila! It goes back to it's original shape! Like Magic!

Oh not to mention that these hair cords come in different gummy pretty colors making it a perfect hair accessory or even arm candies! I swear, GummiBand bracelets can make your OOTD special too!

Plus, they just cost $7.99 for a pack of 4 and it's free shipping all over Canada! 

What makes GummiBand more special?

GummiBand is a Canadian Hair Cord brand owned and operated by strong independent women 100%! The team have helped women in all ways they can by financing small business start-ups, supporting local fundraisers benefiting schools, children’s hospitals, youth sports, mental illness, domestic violence safe houses, low income family services, women's homeless shelters and animal shelters, mentoring female high school students, employing women not just in Canada but also women from the Philippines and India! They also employ adults with developmental disabilities and special needs through Connexions NS, teaching hireable skills and independence. 

GummiBand is exclusively distributing in Canada but is hoping to be selling in other countries soon!! 

Get your GummiBands in black or clear, blonde or brunette, or get all the colors in one pack HERE!!

Check out more about GummiBands: 

To my Filipino readers... want to get free packs?  Yes free PACKSSSSS! Watch out for my giveaway soon!! GummiBand Ph is coming your way!  

PS: GummiBand hair cords come with a 1 year full replacement warranty!!

PPS: See you next post!! 

Much love, 

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