Tupperware Brand Minis Review Plus Giveaway!

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I bet most 90s kids if not all had their fair share of being scolded for mommy's lost Tupperware. Agree? I am a Tupperware baby. I grew up using colorful Tupperware lunchboxes and tumblers. You can imagine my happiness when Tupperware told me they will be sending some for me and the family to try! I was so kilig!!

These are the Minis I received from Tupperware.

My babies are Tupperware babies too. Olivia and Lucas are proud Baby Care Plus users. I love the powdery combined with baby smell. And another reason to love Baby Care Plus is that it last longer than other brands. I am so delighted that Tupperware now has these mini sets available. These sets includes:  1 pc. Baby Lotion 50 mL, 1 pc. Baby Bath 50 mL, and 1 pc. Baby Powder 50 mL. You can choose from the two variants: Baby Care Plus+ Milk Mom and Bonding Set and Baby Care Plus+ Pink Happy Baby Set. These mini sets are perfect for travelling!

I also received their latest makeup palletes: Colorfull Mini Makeup Pallete Daytime Siren and Colorfull Mini Makeup Pallete Pretty in Pink. Luckily, both palletes are my shades! I'd make a separate review soon but one thing is for sure, these can help you achieve gorgeous face of the day all throughout the week! This is new to me because I honestly didn't know that Tupperware also has their own cosmetic line.

The Pocket Body Mists plus The Armand Dupree Rollete are What's-In-Your-Bag Must-Haves! These mini fragrances are perfect for on-the-go Moms and Dads. Fruit Blooms Pocket Mists will freshen you up the whole day with it's fruity smell. Same goes the Armand Dupree Rollete. It also has the fruity fragrance only with a touch of sophistication. Blaze Jersey Pocket Mists are perfect for your man too. The masculine pleasant smell will never leave your husband all day long. All these are easy to carry... you can bring it everywhere and promising you to smell fresh the whole day!

Lastly but of course will never be the least is the mini 310ml Eco Bottle! Perfect size for your everyday purse! The mini Eco Bottle is super handy and will keep you hydrate the rest of the rest of the day while on-the go! Which is exactly what I needed.

Huge thanks to Tupperware Brands Ph for the opportunity to try these great products! I am looking for someone who would like to have them too!

Yes! You read them right! Tupperware Brands Ph is so generous and they will be giving away:

1.     Colorfull Mini Makeup Pallete Daytime Siren (P399)
2.     Armand Dupree Rollette 10mL (P245)
3.     Fruity Blooms Pocket Mist Pomegranate & Green Tea (P175)
4.     Blaze Jersey #23 Pocket Mist (P245)
5.     Baby Care Plus+ Milk and Baby Bonding Set (P470)
6.     Baby Care Plus+ Pink Happy Baby Set (P450)
7.     310mL Eco Bottle (P199)

Here are the mechanics for the giveaway: 

2. Follow @everybodyssunshineblog and @tupperwarebrandsph on Instagram
3. Share this: http://bit.ly/2x61LEn post on Facebook (1 entry) and Instagram (1 entry) with the caption "I want to have my own Tupperware Brand Minis because... ! #TWBMinis #ShineXTWBMinisGiveaway"
4. Mention HERE: http://bit.ly/2x61LEn some people you want to join the giveaway!

Contest will run until October 2, 2017. The prize is for branch pick up.

Learn more about Tupperware Brands Ph: 

Instagram - http://bit.ly/2nyPXTt

Good luck everyone!


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  1. Joined, thanks for the opportunity Ms. Shine =)

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    1. Hello Rose. You can save the picture and post it on instagram. Thank you for joining! Good luck!

  3. Joined po maam. Thank you po sa opprtunity na ito. Subrang makatutulong po ta sa family ko sa ara araw nilang pangangailangan. God bless you more and more power!


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