Top 5 Best KDrama Style Pegs

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Annyeong Girlfriends!!

Shoutout to all KDrama fans here! I've been in a short hiatus lately and all I did was to let myself drown in heart warming stories and drool over hot Oppas. I'm pretty sure about 45% of the female population can relate. Did you know that KDrama and Fashion are beautifully intertwined? As a result of my short hiatus, I came up with Top 5 Best KDrama Style Pegs that you might want to check out!

5.  The Pathetic Ex-Girlfriend Park Hye Ran (Lee Elijah)

She maybe pathetic and helplessly in love with Dong Man in Fight For My Way, but she beats our Ae Ra with her very classy and polished OOTDs.

When to wear: If you want to nail that interview! Let the employer fall in love with not just your wit but with your outfit too!

4. The Heiress Rachel Yoo (Kim Ji Won) / The Clumsy Reporter Nam Da Jung (Yoona)

Rachel (The Heirs) and Nam Da Jung's (The Prime Minister and I) outfit are just very royalty and princess-like. They remind me so much of Blair Waldorf.

When to wear: On your first date! You need to wear your Santa Santita outfit of course!

3. The Spoiled Brat Baek In Ha (The Queen Lee Sung Kyung)

The only drama antagonist that I love so much! Baek In Ha (Cheese in The Trap) is annoyingly crazy and annoyingly stylish! She's always dressed to kill.

When to wear: If you wanna be overdressed everyday because THE WORLD IS YOUR RUNWAY! Show it off to your "girlfriends" DUH!!

2. The Goddess Moora (Krystal)

Her style screams "I am a goddess!". If you wanna bring out that inner goddess in you, then go ahead and watch Moora in Bride of Habaek!  Sexy and Sultry

When to wear: Corporate dinners and corporate parties will be asking for it. Hook up with the best bachelor in town. 

1. The Million-dollar Mermaid Sim Cheong (Jun Ji Hyun)

Then there's our Sim Cheong. She'd done it once as Cheon Seon Yi from My Love from the Star, Jun Ji Hyun did it again. Now she might be the most fashionable mermaid with the most expensive style in the whole universe. If you want to look like

When to wear: At the Casino? Just kidding! Well, if you feel like you need to be Princess Diana once in your life then go for Sim Cheong! Hwaiting!!

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So who are your style pegs? Let me know and i'll check them out too!


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