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Hi everyone!

I have always said that this blog is my pocket of memories. Whenever asked why I do blog, I would always be quick to answer it is because I want my old self to have something to read back on in the future. But lately, it seemed that I have lost that passion to share my stories. Lately, I have been drowning myself with Korean Dramas, dressing up Olivia and just that. It has been a while since I wrote something personal and I miss pouring my heart out in words. My grammar may not always be perfect, but I have always loved sharing things through writing. 

Back then, I used to write random thoughts, and not care about organizing them. I liked it when ideas and words would just flow freely: and it would always work out in the end. Today, I am excited to do that again -to let my feelings go and all my thoughts flow.

Just a couple of months ago, I went into a brief hiatus from life. Yes, LIFE. I disconnected from everyone and everything. I started with deactivating my Facebook account then sulk for two days lying in my bed, relentlessly contemplating. I was broken; it was something I can't deny and I think that it became one of my life's turning points, for reasons I choose to not bare. But here's what I can share:

1. No matter how non-maleficent and benevolent a person is, some people will always have something to say, something negative to bring to the table. And it's funny how it is those people who know so little about others, and have just barely seen a portion of the tip of the iceberg, have the most to say. It is their loud opinions discussed through spending much and most of their time checking up on other people's flaws as they make fun of it all, that ring in one's head. Again, that's no matter how good and harmless a person is.

2. Sometimes, it is and will ONLY be about one's relevance -Looking like everyone else; talking, thinking, behaving like the rest of the world. There's a huge force preventing us from being ourselves, and demanding us to submit to what others require. Ironically, that doesn't make one RELEVANT, in the end. It only makes one an ADJUNCT, something added to another thing but not necessarily essential. 

3. Always, always EMPATHIZE.

4. Unfollow those we need to unfollow. Let go of the things that weigh you down. Life is easier when we accept and just let things go. 

5. Lastly, and yes of course never the least, as long as you are not stepping on others, BE YOURSELF. Be whoever and whatever you wish to be. The burden of not agreeing and disapproving, is not yours to carry. 

Another random thought...

Having lived a challenging life, I learned (and I learned this the hard way) to always look on the brighter side of things, and be grateful of everything that comes my way. I have taught myself to be grateful for every circumstance, and consider each as a blessing. Now, there may still be times that I will get to think of the what-could've-beens, and the where-did-I-go-wrongs; but today, I am turning my back away from bemoaning, and I thank God for opening my eyes and heart to the things I should be seeing and the people I should be having.  

So, have I moved on? Yes, I believe I already have. Have I forgotten? No, I haven't, because it takes TIME which is sadly oftentimes much longer than the time invested on that which we are moving on from.

So why am I posting this right now? I guess, this is just my way of saying goodbye to that chapter of my life. Who knows? This might be what I really need to do so I can continue blogging, and passionately share my stories in this little locket of memories on cyberspace, just as how I did before. Maybe yes, or maybe no as I have actually thought of deleting my blog and stopping all these, but then it came to me off the bat that blogging is my passion and has always been ever since I started 10 years ago -something I just can't let go in a snap. Nothing was ever certain, oftentimes non-reassuring, but this could be what I really need to do to continue blogging. Still, "maybe yes, or maybe no". And what I have gotten so far, was the realization, that it is possible for me do it alone. I can, and I did. An important realization that I don't necessarily have to be in an assemblage to make it as a blogger; that a star remains a star with or without a constellation to belong in, albeit unluckily a constellation will not be as beautiful as any other constellations with some good stars lacking.

If it's something you really love, then it can withstand anything.

So now I am officially saying, I am Sunshine Espiritu of, an independent lifestyle blogger from Davao. 


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