Mom's Day Out With Sun Life

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It was a pretty relaxing day for moms like me who attended Sun Life's Mom's Day Out event last Saturday. I was welcomed with the smiling faces of  the people from Elysia Wellness Spa. They gave me the best 15 minute back massage before getting a sumptuous meryenda from Park Inn By Radisson Hotel.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to take a lot of photos because with all honesty, the talk is so engaging. It was like someone is speaking for you. We were smiling and laughing the whole time as Ms. Michelle Alignay talked about relatable struggles of moms.

Ms. Michelle Alignay

Ms Michelle emphasized balanced mommy life. She talked about how amazing moms can be because of what they can do. She spoke of how moms can be tired and stressed and be guilty of feeling so when they should not. She reiterated that it is okay to rest, step back, and pause in between messy sink, fast food dinners and chaotic rooms. It was refreshing to hear something you've been dreading to hear for such a long time. Especially that I am a very unorganized anxious mom. It was distressing to know that it is okay to be laid back sometimes.

Mrs Mylene Almonte

We are also lucky to hear a very interesting talk about securing our child's education through Sun Life. It was quite shocking to see how future education can be so expensive. Managing your funds and investing it in the right was the topic of SunLife's Davao Cluster Head Mrs. Mylene Almonte. Learning how to be able to make parenting life easier when it comes to finances and education was very enriching.

Thanks to Sun Life Philippines for a very delightful experience for Mommies like me. It was a day to remember.

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