Review: KKO:T Essence Lip Tint and Balm

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I have another daily essential that I'd like to share with you. Thanks to BeautyNStyle-Seoul for letting me try KKO:T Essence Lip Tint Balm! This pretty lip tint balm with a trapped flower inside will never leave my kit now. 

Here's a quick review of KKO:T Essence Lip Tint Balm 

Main Ingredients: 

Sweet Almond Oil 
Jojoba Oil

Price: Php550

First of all, please do take time to appreciate the prettiness of the dried flower inside the transparent lipstick. It can't be ignored. One of the things that made me happy about this product is that it is nature-filled that will make your lips more healthy. I have dry and dark lips (which I really don't know why since I am not a smoker) and I thought this can be a good everyday routine for my lips. I found that most of the ingredients it has are natural moisturizers. 

Some of the things I hate about using lip balm is when lips feels hot and dry after hours use. KKO:T lip tint balm is surprisingly comfortable to wear even after 5-6 hours. In fact, the lip balm is part of my night routine. I use it as moisturizer and vitamins for my lips. 

Upon application, it just appears to be a little pink, like as if you haven't put anything into your lips than a lip shiner, but it turns more pinkish eventually hours after. It is good applied alone or combined with your favorite pink or nude lipstick.

So far, it made a little progress with the color of my lips as it became a little lighter and this makes me wanna continue using it everyday. 

KKO:T Lip Tint Balm is something that will make your lips pretty and healthy at the same time. Definitely buying another bath next time and well, I am recommending it too.  

Thanks again to BeautyNStyle-Seoul for these. 

You can check them out on Instagram: @beautynstyleseoul and facebook: BeautyNStyle-Seoul

Thanks everyone for checking my review! See you next post!

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