Review: Rucy's Vanity Two Way Cake

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Hi everyone.

Here's my quick review of Rucy's Vanity Two Way Cake.

Rucy's Vanity is a Korean product and their two-way cake does not mean it can be used with damp or dry sponges, but rather a product that can be used as both a foundation and a powder with UV protection.

As someone who has just started using and exploring cosmetic products, I am very impressed with Rucy's Vanity Two Way Cake’s packaging. It comes with a plastic cover in between the powder and the mirror which I really like because I'm used to the usual pressed powders with their puffs directly on top of the powder –one thing I find to be kind of messy especially sometimes when I forget that there is too much powder on the puff.


Combine's the goodness of foundation and powder in one with added protection from UV rays with whitening effect.

- Whitening
- Stay Matte all day
- Non-cakey
- UV Protection
- Non-clogging
- Made in Korea

I got shade #23 which is Dark Beige. I liked the texture of it on my face as it felt smooth and kept my face moisturized. I have read reviews about the all-day matte promise of this product where some claimed that it really did last for a few hours except the T-zone which is really expected to be extra oilier than the rest of the face. However, considering that I did not use a makeup base prior to applying the powder, my face benefited from its Stay-Matte-All-Day for quite longer hours and also since naturally, I do not have the oily skin type. As for the coverage, some of you might already know that wet foundation provides heavy coverage while dry ones such as Rucy’s Vanity Two Way Cake give lighter and sheerer effect guaranteeing zero chances of having creases. So I am definitely vouching that Rucy’s Vanity Two Way Cake is true to its Non-Cakey claim. And as I have just mentioned, it gives light coverage and therefore makes a good setting powder. I tried it once with my L'Oreal Foundation and they were just perfect together. My makeup lasted longer than without the powder. I love that this works well with and for my skin because of the UV protection it provides. 

It is also affordable and definitely can fit the budget of a practical mom like me. For just 250php, one can have a Korean-made powder which can make one look and feel good.


This is my current everyday powder. You can check Rucy's Vanity website here

You have to take advantage of their Mother's Day Sale! Check it out here,

Thank you for cheking out my post today.. see you next post!!

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  1. RUCY'S VANITY, I love this brand, amazing product and nice post!

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