OOTD: Shine X Kaypee Baby

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Hi everyone! This is gonna be a very special OOTD feature! 

Kaypee Baby sent me lovely Nursing Wear just recently and I am really loving how it makes breastfeeding so convenient and stylish for mommies like me!

First Impression:

I love how the design keeps up with the trend but made its way to make it more efficient for breastfeeding moms. The choice of fabrics are perfect every design. I personally loved the flowy top that was sent to me. Though I'd prefer a toned down print, but I never thought I'd still pull it off and made it into a short dress.

Kaypee Baby Ph sells affordable yet fashionable nursing wear in the Philippines. It all started when Kaypee Mommy met someone who eventually became her mentor at a Babypalooza event 2 years ago. Kaypee Mommy is a breastfeeding advocate and went on to make her own brand of nursing wear when she found out that most of the nursing wears are expensive. She even started with just P5000 capital and look where it is now!

I mentioned that I love Kaypee Baby designs... well, that's maybe because it is basically a brainchild of someone who observed the trends and styles mixed with the advocacy plus the goal of making it more comfortable to moms. It was a perfect combination. Now you can check out all the trendy nursing wear online at their website www.kaypeebaby.com and on Instagram and Facebook.

Here's a peek...

To my co nursing mommies, let's all be fashionable while breastfeeding. Check out Kaypee Baby now...let me know what you think!! 

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