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Hello everyone.

Been on hiatus for a couple of weeks and now it felt like months. Been sorting a lot of things lately. But yey!! I'm back. I always wanna come back with a bang...

Here's another lovely #ShineEatventure feature. We just checked out Yummy Chicken and Pasta Haus - Alor's: A Home Kitchen and was mesmerized by the place. The interior will make you forget you are in Davao. It is the best place to go when you are having a bad day.

I found out that Yummy Chicken and Pasta Haus had been established two decades ago. It was first located near Ateneo de Davao University along C.M Recto. They have been specializing in home cooked meals. What's good to know is that they don't have a hired chef, all the preparations are done in the commissary run by the family. They only have trained assistants. It is amazing to know that the business was passed down to generations and still being at the trend as I will show you their latest interior.

Yummy & Alor's used to have the white and orange interior, but lately, Diane thought it is getting boring. With the help of her friend who is in the events organizing business, they were able to come up with a super pretty design. Their decors are themed depending on the trend/season. We got to check out the summer themed place with hot air balloons when we visited. Yes, I am featuring another Instagram-worthy place to visit in Davao.

The food, as I mentioned were cooked by the owner themselves. I got to try their Lasagna with Chicken Meal. The Lasagna is not too cheesy, not too sweet... just perfect. It was a good combination with their tasty chicken. I also got to try their best selling cakes... the Purple Plum and their Red Velvet. Baked by Diane herself, you should try it when you visit, then you'll know why it is their best seller.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to take a photo of their menu. But the price range is at 88 pesos to 175 pesos and one specific dish worth 295 pesos.

While Yummy Restaurant welcomes you with warmth, Alor's: A Home Kitchen accommodates catering services. They have been one of the best caterers in Davao. The upper part of the place actually accommodates parties and events. The place is free to use when you book them for catering.

Yummy & Alor's is now at 99 F. Torres St., just in front of Assumption Church. They also have another branch in Guerrero St., with an equally dainty interior.

You can check out Yummy & Alor's on Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/yummy.alors/

If you're looking for a place to cheer you up, then you might wanna visit the place. It is currently Top 1 on my list as the most instagrammable place in Davao.

See you on my next Eatventure!!

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