Beauty Adventure: Davao Yleo Spa

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Cheers to my first ever beauty adventure in Davao.

First of all, I wanna do another series of adventure featuring the best places to pamper and have your much-awaited beauty rest after a week long stress from work. 

First stop is at Davao Yleo Spa! 

Yleo stands for Young Living Essential Oil. When I arrived at the place I was greeted by the owner herself Daisy Chan. She is a US certified aromatherapist and personally trained all her spa therapists. Davao Yleo Spa is the only one in the Philippines with genuine aromatherapy. 

Everything in the place shows love and light as what Daisy always say. I first noticed that here wall was painted so lovely. The place radiates a very light aura and the smell (of course) is soooo good. 

It was, unfortunately, a red day when I visited so Daisy said I should take their Hormonal Therapy. They used Dragon Time oil and their vegetable oil for my therapy. It was a super light massage. They didn't need force to make you feel relaxed and better. 

So I went ahead and did a little research about their services and this is what I learned.

Davao Yleo Spa offers the Raindrop Technique Therapy. It is a combination of the art of Aromatherapy with the technique of Vita Flex and Massages in the application of Young Living Essential Oil. 

The combination of both Raindrop Technique and Feather Stroking both involves using grade essential oils dropped from about 6 inches above the spine just like rain drops. The effect is really relaxing and comforting. 

Davao Yleo Spa is exclusively using Young Living Essential Oils.

"Essential oils have enhanced lives for thousands of years, offering a variety of benefits from cosmetic and dietary purposes to spiritual and religious use. Young Living has always been at the forefront of bringing this ancient tradition to modern users, introducing millions to emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness that can be truly life-changing.

Extracted through careful steam distillation, resin tapping, and cold pressing, the purest essential oils are far more powerful than the botanicals from which they come. Any time you hold a bottle of Young Living’s powerful essential oils, you hold nature's pure essence"

The Dragon Time Essential Oil was specifically applied to me during my Hormonal Therapy. 

...a blend of calming and soothing essential oils. including clary sage, which contains natural phytonutrients - the perfect choice for supporting normal, healthy emotions during the female monthly cycle. Dragon Time is recommended for the young and mature woman." (

Daisy asked if I do suffer menstrual cramps on my red days. Yes, I do. Surprisingly, I didn't get any after my Hormonal Therapy. 

Personally, I am amazed at how light the therapy was and how relaxing the experience had been for me. 

Davao Yleo Spa also offers therapy services to infants and kids,,, and even to pregnant women. Same techniques, different essential oils used. 

You can also purchase essential oils, handmade organic soaps and handmade charms at the spa. 

Davao Yleo Spa is located at #14, 2nd Floor Matina Town Square, Davao City. You can also check them out on Instagram: and Facebook: 

Daisy was so generous to give me two of her handmade organic soaps. I will be trying them our soon and will do a blog review about it. 

Davao Yleo Spa Adventure Vlog soon on my Youtube channel.

Thank you for checking my blog today. See you on my next beauty adventure!! 

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  1. Davao Yleo Spa? First heard the name, from your introduction, I have a certain understanding of this,meaningful! By the way, you are so cute and pretty.



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