#ShineEatventures: FTU Shop and Creamery

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It was an afternoon well spent yesterday when we got to visit one of the most instagrammable places in Davao City.

FTU (Fabianne Trends Unlimited) Shop and Creamery is a concept store and a creamery in one. Owned by a handmade artisan herself, Ms. Anna gathered inspiration online to come up with the coziest and prettiest interior of the shop. My photos in this blog post will tell all.

The Creamery

FTU Creamery serves milkshakes and ice cream desserts like their best-selling The Super Bowl and Taco Wacko. They also serve sandwiches and soon Pasta will be available.

Revel Bar Taco Wacko

Rainbow Crepe

Matcha Milkshake

We got to try their newest Revel Bar Taco Wacko and Matcha Milkshake. They also served us their Rainbow Crepe. And yes, they're definitely a must try. Matcha lovers should try their milkshake.

At the second floor, FTU Creamery accepts rental reservations for small gatherings and meetups and is consumable. Ms. Anna also hold workshops in collaboration with the artists from Davao who mostly make handmade products.

FTU Shop

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FTU shop sells mostly handmade and personalized items that are consignments from other artists. Ms. Anna is also a bagmaker and sells her own designs at the shop. They are also selling the items online and open for shipping nationwide. You can check them out on Instagram: @ftu_shop.

What I truly love about FTU Shop and Creamery is their love for art and their appreciation to locally handmade products. The support is overwhelming. I am even invited to sell my wire accessories at the shop and even do a workshop soon.

To my followers and friends outside Davao, this place is must visit if you're aiming for a perfect Instagram photo. And to my friends from Davao who have not visited the place yet... I hope the photos convinced you. 😉 FTU Shop and Creamery is located just along Loyola St., BO. Obrero, Davao City.

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