#ShineEatventures: Beauty Moments Salon, Spa and Cafe

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Hey, everyone!!!

Here's another Instagram-worthy cafe that you should check out in Davao City.

Beauty Moments Salon, Spa, and Cafe is actually my favorite chill out place because 1. it's near my place, 2. it's super pink, 3. basically, girly and pretty in all angles. 4. their staff is really friendly and accommodating. Smiles everywhere.

I got to talk to the owner of the cafe and told me that she may not be very girly, she wanted people to find a pampering place that will be very pleasing to the eyes. That will really complete your well-deserved rest day.

The Salon and Spa.

The Salon and Spa were supposed to be a franchise from Manila but they ended up making their own name in Davao. The interior was made in pink and purple. They offer the usual services but what makes them different? The Salon and Spa are just right beside their cafe... which means, your most awaited pampering session can also be your family day. You can bring everyone and treat your hubby and kids with good food while taking the best time of your life...with a relaxing massage and a good haircut.

Services offered:

The Cafe

With the girliest interior, they just rearranged it to make it friendlier for kids and to make it homier. The added colorful throw pillows make it more instagrammable. These photos will tell you that it is.

Now, this is real talk. The food is really good. They got the creamiest carbonara only at 130pesos. It's my current favorite. Their nachos is also one of the best. Their CrayZ shakes can also compete. Actually, the place deserves more recognition... from its interior to their food.


You can find Beauty Moments Salon, Spa, and Cafe (The Pink House) at 426 Tulip Dr, Juna Subdivision, Barangay 74-A, Matina Crossing, Davao City

They are open from 10 am - 9 pm. 

You can check them out on 

Telephone No.: 082-2974702 
Mobile No.: 0905-580--7043

 I'll be on a hunt for more instagrammable places to check in the city. Subscribe for more. See you on my next #ShineEatventure!

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