OOTD: My Take On Denim

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Hi guys! It's Fashion Friday again!!

TOP: Mocha
Culottes: Oxygen
Slip On: Primadonna

So Oxygen gave us 2k worth of GCs to shop. I had a hard time choosing what to get because they were all so fab, But I settled with the denim culottes because it's been on my list for forever.

Culottes, particularly in denim, is on my To-Buy list because you can pair it with just about anything.
But this time I paired it with a denim too. I also have always been planning to wear denim on denim and see how it goes with me. Got these culottes for only 999.

I also got boyfie a very nice pullover. So nice that I almost kept it for myself. Pullover is 799.

and of course.. I should spend it until the last cent but just almost. Got myself a lovely pouch for 198.

Thank you Oxygen!

About Oxygen: 

Oxygen  is  a  lifestyle brand  that caters  to fashion,  music and youth culture offering  a complete range  of apparel,  accessories,  and fragrances  in  110  key locations in  the Philippines.  First launched  in  1996  by  Golden  ABC  Inc. as  a  graphic t-shirt  brand targeted towards the male audience, Oxygen has since evolved into a retail store for the stylish youth    of the    metro.    To know    more about    Oxygen,    please visit www.oxygenfashion.com and follow @oxygenclothing on Facebook and Instagram

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  1. You have abs!! Can you post any details about your abs exercise soon? Pls! Love your blog, btw ��

  2. This style is so cute! Going to try and do it on my own x! I love it xx! If you will like to have something to look, I think you will like see more from here.


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