My Favorite Pair of Shorts Fits... Again

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Just sharing that I lost major weight after giving birth almost 6 months ago. The best thing about it is that I did not to have to go on heavy diet. It's all just breastfeeding, simple exercises and waist training.

This is my favorite high waist denim shorts and now fits perfectly and comfortably, I am on my 3rd week of waist training and already tried the 2nd hook last week. From 30" waist line it went down to 28". Thanks to my waist trainer from Waist Trainer Davao. 
This is how I style high waist shorts usually... but a little bit surprised with how my boyfriend's shirt fits. Plus I wanna showcase this cool backpack from Paymaya and Voyager Innovations.

Honestly, I'm really happy with my weight loss but I need to lose more. I'm getting married soon and my gown doesn't fit me yet! 

Rolling Stone Shirt - Artwork
Shorts - Chic Boxroom 
Sleeveless Button Down Midi Top - Facebook online shop
DMs Inspired Boots - Chic Boxroom

I'm really having a hard time mananging my time lately with backlogs, kids and bulk orders. Hopefully, I'd still be able to hit my blog smart goals before february ends. Thank you for checking my fashion friday entry! 

See you next post! 



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