OOTD: Nostalgic White

by - 10:34:00 PM

Happy February! 

Here's another very-me outfit I wanna share. This is shot just right outside the house where I grew up. It is kinda special because whenever I go home I always feel nostalgic. Our little photo shoot idea came out of the blue and this is the only outfit I brought with me. Got my top from D'must Have paired with my favorite boxer shorts and my Nike Thea Airmax sneakers. 

So if you noticed, this is really my on-the-go outfit. After I gave birth, I never really thought I could wear these again. But thanks to breastfeeding and waist training. I think breastfeeding my baby played a lot in my weight loss as well as my religious waist training.

Thanks to Miel of www.caramielrush.com for lending me her Canon DSLR. I really need to but my own ASAP. If only.. but I have an upcoming wedding to think about. 

I will be posting more photos in my next blogpost! Check them out! See you. 



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