Thoughts: Goblin The Lonely and The Great God

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Because I am so overwhelmed, I will write and I won't care about grammar or if the thoughts are well arranged. I just feel like it. No, don't say "mag-Tagalog kana lang". I prefer to write in a way I am comfortable with. 

This is me again after watching something that gave me "the feels" I never wanna forget. This is the best that I could do to preserve something so beautiful and so special. I have to grab my phone when I was about to sleep so I can put everything in words before I forget. Goblin Kdrama just ended today and while I feel that I'm not ready yet, though I mentally prepared myself so as to not having withdrawal issues, the ending still surprisingly hurts. I am glad it ended the way it ended. Yeah, it was one of those dramas that left us hanging again but I thought it's exactly how I wanted it to end.. to keep me longing though it was painful.  

Goblin was the best drama series so far, at least for me. I've watched Meteor Garden, Love Rain, Legend of The Blue Seas, Princess Hours and a lot more Kdramas. I've watched Serendipity, The Notebook, A Walk To Remember, A Memory To Remember, Windstruck, Sassy Girl and all other romantic films, I've read Twilight, Mortal Instruments, and some fantasy romance novels..but nothing compares to how good Goblin was made. It has the perfect blend of a great cast (even the cameos), a breathtaking cinematography, an eargasmic OST and the best storyline.

The cast was so remarkable. I will never forget Eun Tak's very charming smile saying Saranghe, her agonizing cry on episode 13, her funny and jealous Excuse Me on episode 15. It was just as perfect as Gong Yoo's wrinkles which are surprisingly beautiful, his sad smile and ... ah!, I couldn't even find an adjective to describe him. Plus the equally handsome and talented Lee Dong Wook and beautiful Yoo In Na... Goblin just got the ultimately best cast. 

The storyline was soo good that it hurts so much it ended. The timing of romance, comedy, drama, action and horror was so flawless. The saddest but most beautifully written love story makes me want to watch it a million times.And don't forget the bromance! But I think one thing that made me loved it so much is the melancholy. Even the soundtrack fits perfectly. Goblin never felt dragging even though the cinematography's slow motions makes the most of the hour and a half running time each episode, the most mesmerizing cinematography ever.

I know this is something Christians shouldn't be watching. Because the story of the drama revolves around death and involves a goblin, a grim reaper, life after death. But it also reminded me that God, our One True God, the Almighty Creator is powerful. He is the Beginning and the End. The Alpha and Omega. The deity in the drama represented of how Mighty he is. That in all days, for whatever reason He has, we should trust Him and only Him alone, that He is merciful and he has wonderful plans to those who truly trust in Him. 

I don't know if I am overreacting or not. It just felt like I've watched a definite masterpiece and I am so happy I was able to. In this generation full of trash, this is something to be cherished. I know I am overusing beautiful and perfect. That's just how it would best describe it. 

Can I just blow the cande?


At YES PO. Inaamin ko po.. na hindi lang ako kinain ng sistema, nilunok na din ako. 

P.S./ Reminder: My opinion, not yours.

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  1. Love your blog ther! Yes and Yes, by far the BEST KDRAMA I've watched.

  2. Best kdrama i have ever seen... I had big depression after this show. It had everything! I literally love every scene... It touch my soul with big strenght. OST is so beautiful... I am Christian but this dont make me angry or something like that. I really like that story... (I watched it again after 2 weeks and cried harder) MASTERPIECE!


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