Beauty Haul 2016!

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While everyone is sharing their 2016 favorites, here I am sharing my entire haul for 2016. Why? Because I have so little since I got interested in beauty finds just recently.  Haha. Oh and please don't judge me. I will also be sharing few photos of my makeup tries. I wanna document my progress if there is. Haha A little tyaga lang talaga watching videos and listening to the Glam Squad. By the way, shout out to the DBS Glam Squad for the influence.

These are the stuff I have before I joined the beauty craze. I am fine with a bb cream, a powder, an eyeliner, a mascara and a lipstick. Most of these are just given to me as gifts. I am also contented with my wet n' wild lipstick collection though it does not last long. I have it in 4 shades, all dark. Haha. And check it out! I only have one brush... that kabuki brush from Fashion 21. But to be honest, most of these are just decorations and additional weight in my bag. Because I don't use them often.


Here I am now..

My Ate from Japan sent me these as her Christmas gift. I super loved it especially the Kate Tokyo puff foundation. 

KJM Cheek and Lip Tints in Bloodshot and Bittersweet Magenta, Maybelline Creamy Matte Color Sensational in Divine Wine and Nude Nuance, Mischka Gel Liptints in Aura, Trisha, and Zoey

These are from Beauty MNL, KJM Cosmetics, and Mischka Naturals. 

L'oreal True Match in Gold Vanilla, Pro Conceal in Classic Ivory and Pure Beige, LA Colors Matte Eyeshadow, Maybelline Two Way Cake and Maybelline Micellar Water

These are the items I bought for myself this Christmas recommended by the Mamshies of the DBS Glam Squad. Well, actually the Loreal foundation is the gift I asked from hubby. 

Clinique Eyeshadow,, Lipbalm and Lipstick and Benetint. 

These are from Julie Alontaga of of the Glam Squad's beauty expert. Thank you, Ms. Julz!

And from one kabuki brush to these. Haha Though I still don't know how to use them all but baby, I'm learning. Got the bamboo brushes from Karen of Happy Beauty Box, my Paddle brush from The Makeup Haven Davao and my Naked Brushes from Lazada, 

And ofcourse, my top favorite this year: MY SKIN ORIGINS Ultra White Set.
My Skin Origins Day Cream specifically. I am writing a review about it soon. 

I've been trying these out though I still don't know how to. I am on my baby steps so please please don't judge if I look like a clown. 



3rd try.
Can't tell the difference either. *facepalm*. Forgive my kilay please because I really still don't know how and I guess I'm scared to try. But I decided to post my tries so I can post an ugly duckling to swan documentary next. Haha goals. I really hope I'd turn into a swan. Well, anyway I wanna thank the Glam Squad for the inspiration. Now I think I'd go broke at the end of the year. Before, all I have to think about buying are my clothes. Now, I have Olivia's outfit to think about plus Lucas is getting bigger, he needs more.. my outfit and BEAUTY STUFF! Ghaaad... I am getting married soon but I can't help it. 

See you everyone. I can't, maybe, give you a list of my beauty favorites yet because I like all of them so far, but I will be posting my 2016 OOTD faves! See you next post! 


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