The Fairest Night Of All TOP 10!

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Just before December ends, I don't wanna miss sharing just another happy memory I had with my 2nd family, the Davao Bloggers Society. This is my 2nd Christmas party with them and they never failed to make that night unforgettable. It was held at Ritz Hotel last December 3.

Here are my Top 10 reasons why it was The Fairest Night Of All

10. It was a Disney-themed party and this made everyone excited as soon as it was announced.

9. Just deciding on what to wear that day was already unforgettable because I have to coordinate with my mini blogger, OLIVIA. I finally decided to go as Maleficent and Olivia as my little Aurora.

8. Preparing and going there was a real challenge. Getting ready especially with my makeup was a real struggle. The pressure is on now that I am officially a part of the #DBSGlamSquad. Good thing I got help from a board mate who had been into makeup for some time. Dearest sister made me my Maleficent Horns and I scored my little aurora's outfit with my co-blogger Elli. My outfit? Just looked through my closet. I never have to buy a new one. Going there though was tough. It rained for a while. I was alone carrying Olivia. And why is this on the list? Overcoming the challenge to arrive safe and cheerful.

7. Everyone is in their best costume! OMG. We had three Snow Whites, Woody, The Evil Queen, Cruella De Vil, Wreck-It Ralph, Boo and Sully, Mickey, Ariel, Pocahontas, Jasmine, Pooh, The Incredibles, Olaf, Stitch, Emma Frost, Tinker Bell, Merida... and more.

6. Our President and VP rendered a Disney Song. One of the coolest!

5. The Blog Awards. All winners deserved it. It was amazing to be with people who ain't just fun to be with but passionate bloggers too. And the trophies just motivated me to do a lot better next year. Thanks to House of Wooden Letters for it,

4. The venue, the food, and the after party that I didn't get to join. LOL. I never have to worry about Olivia because the venue is perfect. The food is love especially the dessert! And their after party photos plus Mannequin Challenge is dope, I wished I was there but then again.. #priorities.

3. The raffle, the games... the entire program. Jexx, for the nth time, nailed it. And finally, my group won the trivia game!! Congratulations and thank you DBS officers for delivering an awesome night.

2. OUR SPONSORS! Thank you so much for making our night truly shining, shimmering, splendid!

1. AND FOR THE TOP REASON... It is being around these great people in one great night. It was a tough year for DBS... but it was a wonderful year for me being with them. It was one of the best choices I had this year to stay with the premier blogging community who had been not just my life teacher, but my extended family.Cliche, as it may seem but being a DBS member, means it is not just about getting freebies, having free lovely meals, getting sponsors... but it means having a fantastic company in the movies, at slumber parties, and most of all in LAMON SESSIONS. It was real happiness to see these people improving with me, learning with me, and becoming A WHOLE LOT better with me not just in blogging but in life. DBS 2016 is DBS 2.0 and I am looking forward to the best of Davao Bloggers Society 2017!

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