Outfit Ideas: Black And White Theme

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Hi fashionistas!! Halloween maybe over but it's Christmas season once again where you attend not just one party. I know most of you are excited to attend your company's Year End Party, your circle's Christmas Party and your Family's Christmas Reunion. But parties are boring without a theme of course. I will be showcasing my self-proclaimed styling talent in a series of blog posts by giving you few outfit ideas that can be perfect for you on your next themed party to attend to.

My first chosen theme is Black And White. I belong to a group called The Mother's Club in facebook and for the first time they are having a grand party. The mothers decided have a Black and White themed party. Unfortunately, I won't be able to go because of schedule conflict, but if I am attending, I'd come in one of these outfits. 

Why will I wear this look? 

It can be flattering to any body types! Plump or skinny. I'd look sexy 'cause it will hide my unwanted fats. Haha

Grab this look on Lazada...

Black Off Shoulder Dress
Before ₱ 1,160.00,
You save 50%

Before ₱ 3,760.00,
You save 70%

Before ₱ 1,099.00,
You save 73%
Envelope Clutch Bag
Before ₱ 909.90,
You save 50%

Why will I wear this? 

I want to be in the trend and still want to appear classy and casual. 

Grab this look on Lazada:
Backless White Cropped Top
Before ₱ 1,170.00,
You save 50%
Black Culottes
Before ₱ 899.75,
You save 50%
Black Wallet Clutch
Before ₱ 1,192.00,
You save 60%
Platform Chunky Heels
Before ₱ 2,003.00,
You save 31%

Why will I wear this?

Slits are just another trend I couldn't miss. It's seductive in a never-trashy way. 

Get this look on Lazada: 

Black Halter Maxi Dress
Before ₱ 1,418.00,
You save 33%
White Maxi Dress
Before ₱ 1,373.00,
You save 50%
Black Strap Sandals
Before ₱ 3,430.00,
You save 70%
Black Clutch
Before ₱ 1,601.94,
You save 67%

There. One down.

I still have few styles in mind actually but I guess I'll save that for next. I am still thinking of another theme to feature though. Let me know what's your party theme this Christmas and give me a comment, I'd surely love to explore and give you ideas. Speaking of ideas, these, again are just suggestions or inspirations and basically my style. I'm sure you have your own style too. Just always remember, fashion will and always be about comfort.

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