My First Penne Pasta Tuna Alfredo

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Hello, guys! So I wanna share another first for me... COOKING! I may have been a mom for 4 years now but I really never learned to cook. I know it's not my forte. So let me thank Flying Ace Corp. for giving me an opportunity to try out something different.

I tried to cook my favorite Tuna Carbonara but found out it's called Alfredo if there's no egg in the recipe. So here's Penne Pasta Tuna Alfredo Ala Maria Theresa (LOL)


500g Doña Elena Al Dente Penne Pasta
2 tbsp Doña Elena olive oil
2 cans Tuna Flakes
1 can  (12 oz) Evaporated Milk
2 packs 250ml cream
1/2 cup cheese
2 tbsp chopped garlic and onions

So first I sauteed the garlic and onions with Doña Elena olive oil then I added the evaporated milk and the cream. I mixed them and waited for it to boil. Then I added the drained tuna flakes and the cheese, seasoned it with a pinch of salt and a dash of pepper. I mixed them well. Poured the sauce at the cooked Doña Elena Al Dente Penne Pasta and I am done!

This was really special because I cooked pasta for the first time for my family on my daughter's 3rd month small celebration. I never thought they all liked it. It was all gone in 5minutes literally. It was a great experience because the pasta was chewy and was not overcooked. Thank God. And I never have to include butter to my ingredients because the olive oil was enough.

Thank you again, Doña Elena of Fly Ace Corp., for letting me explore new things. Things that I thought I cannot do.

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