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First, i'd like to tell you that I am no expert at all when it comes to beauty. Oh I already mentioned that over and over again. But I am at this point where I came to realize that beauty and fashion comes hand in hand. I can't really be fabulous in an outfit when my make up is... as what my mentor said "gusgusin". To be honest, I always prepare for my outfit but never for an #MOTD when going to an event. Good thing people around me forgive me.. or do they? LOL. Anyway, so here I am currently exploring horizons and decided to try out beauty blogging. This can be I think a little interesting because I am very much of a newbie. Ghaad, I don't even know how to put on my lipstick flawlessly! I want you, my readers to join and learn with me, as I also learn things in these fairy tale world of pretty princesses.

Then voila!! BeautyMNL happened Thanks for being my fairy godmother in saving me of where to get my first newbie beauty haul. I especially asked the experts Julie of and my mare Reese (check her instagram... she's an expert I swear!) of what to get for ugly ducklings like me. 

Here are my picks:

Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara

Detail Duo Eyebrow and Liquid Eyeliner

Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte

Swatches in Divine Wine and Nude Nuance
Why did I pick all these? My beauty expert friends said that you can never go wrong with Maybelline! I actually have to check Youtube for the shades because there are so many pretty shades to choose from! I also got the Detail Duo Liner because reviews says it's perfect for noobs.

It was sweet and lovely to have my first makeup shopping at BeautyMNL. Prices are competitive and shipping is fast. Yes, it was my first because those that I have are always given as a gift since I don't have much interest on them before. I picked these items on a friday and never have to wait too long since these babies arrived last tuesday, And did I mention that the packaging is so pretty that it got me all excited like a kid opening a christmas present!! 

BeautyMNL is your one stop online shop of everything from makeup, skincare and hair care from different local and international brands.

Wanna get something from BeautyMNL too? Join BeautyMNL's monthly #selfieMNL contest! I'm pretty sure you all love to take a selfie! Get a chance to win a Printster polaroid of your pretty face and a PHP200 BeautyMNL GC. Click here for the complete details.

Hurry, check them out now and get everything you need from head to toe fast and all authentic guaranteed!

Much Love,


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  1. Maybelline ❤️

    The Color Sensational Creamy Mattes are the bomb. Next time try mo Maybelline Falsies Mascara.

    Looking forward to your other beauty posts.

    1. meron ka rin db? ano shade yun ate ri?

      thanks. ❤️❤️ sana maachieve ang beauty blogging..


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