How I Edit My Photos Plus Photo Editing Apps

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Like I promised here's a quick tutorial of how I edit my pictures. As mentioned in my previous post,  this is my current obsession, capturing and editing photos just using my mobile phone. Let me show you first my photo samples...

Olivia's OOTD


Indoor OOTD (Ringlight)

Product Shot

Flat Lay Photo (Natural Light)
Product Shot (Ringlight)


Camera: iPhone 6, Zenfone Selfie, OPPO F1s


Snapseed - available on both iOS (App Store) and Android (Play Store). I usually use Drama (Bright 1) to auto edit the contrast and exposure of my photo. I adjust it with Brush (Exposure), Selective (Brightness/Saturation) or when my background is a bit unclean, I use the Healing tool and then the Brush tool. I also use the Lens Blur to get the Auto Focus effect. 

VSCO - Available in App Store and Play Store. I also edit exposure, saturation, temperature etc. here in VSCO but I usually use VSCO for it's filters. I have most of the paid filters, thanks to Miel  ( and I use #10, A10, SE3 and C3 most of the time. 


Studio+ - only available in iOS. Recommended by my co-blogger Jexx of, this is where I put texts and  doodles and other elements in my photos. Most of the time, I just use their remix photos and just do small edits. It's tumblrish, smooth and clean. 

Rhonna Designs - available in App Store and also in Play Store (Paid) Offers almost the same features with Studio+ except the remix. This is where I created my blog header and my shop logo. My favorite feature is the Mask tool. 


Photogrid - available in both iOS and Android. Photogrid also offers different filters and usual editing features but mostly used in creating a collage. I just basically use Photogrid for that purpose. 

And lastly, for quick edits I use Instagram and my favorite filter is Clarendon. 

I also made a video tutorial of how I usually do my edits. Just bear with me, it's my first time. I made the video with Splice on my iPhone and I don't know how to rotate it. So forgive me. 

I hope this helps. I am no expert, I just ask and explore. These applications are just recommendations and suggestions. The output still depends on how the photo was captured, the lighting and the quality. I suggest that once you download an app, you explore every tool and every feature. That's just what I do because some filters and edits may or may not live up to your expectation. If I may add, better lighting is the best secret to a wonderful photo. 

Check out more of my photos in my Instagram accounts: @everybodyssunshineblog @everybodyssunshine @blessedwire and of course don't forget to visit Olivia's PHOTO BLOG


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