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Hello dear friends! I know I went M.I.A. for a very long time and I missed telling stories here. I tried writing again when I had the chance but then my mind is always full and empty; full of things to tell about but empty with words. Now, I got another chance to write and I had the best inspiration. I am very excited to be back and I am very excited to tell you why I was out for quite a while. 

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Before that though, say hello to my precious little princess Ma. Olivia Ysabel Debarbo. Born August 18, 2016 at 8:29pm and only 2.1kg. She is a preemie. I delivered her only 36 weeks via Cesarean Section. She maybe a struggle but she is all worth it.

The reason why I was not able to update my blog because by January I found out I was pregnant with my 2nd child. I am still on training that time and I am overwhelmed with my craving for egg pie. Yes, very much overwhelmed that I suspected I am pregnant the 2nd day I asked for egg pie at the store beside our company building. So on the 10th day of waiting for my "friend", I took a pregnancy test and it turned out positive..

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The pregnancy though was very different from my first. I am lazy as hell. I get sick every minute but I don’t want to throw up. So for about 3 months I just stayed in bed just after our Asus trip in Cebu. I never even got the chance to blog about it. And like every other pregnant in the world, I only eat what I want to eat.

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On my 5th month, we found out that it’s a girl! We were so happy and excited. A boy and a girl at last, just like almost every girl’s dream. I am so thrilled thinking that I will now be having my real Barbie doll that I can play dress up with! 

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I decided to go back to my Doctor on my 6th month and we found out that I lack amniotic fluid and I need to be admitted. I was confined for hydration at SPMC for 14 days. It was the most unforgettable chapter of this pregnancy. I cried almost the whole time because no watchers are allowed, no cellphone, not even a pillow is allowed. It felt like I was a prisoner, but I kept my faith and thought that it is for my baby. I endured 14 days of nothing but my coloring book and the staff and the other patients in the hospital. After 2 weeks though I had to go back to my doctor again and this time, my Doctor decided to deliver the baby. My amniotic fluid is very low and it might harm the baby inside. So I was admitted again for monitoring until I was scheduled for cesarean after being induce 4 times with no reactions. I was so nervous because it was my first operation ever. I only remember it vaguely because I was sedated. They woke me up when the baby was out, I saw her for about a minute then I went back to sleep. They woke me up again when the operation was done. We started about 8 and then I woke up about 10, I was in the recovery room already. 

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It was pretty much the hardest and the most difficult part, the recovery. But it was all worth it. My baby, the smallest baby in the nursery went out to stay with me in my bed on her 1st day. They say, an 8 month preemie rarely survives, but mine is a fighter. My little warrior princess is very pretty and healthy.

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Even after we went home, everything is a challenge, especially now that I will be attending two monsters. My son’s reaction seeing his sister was priceless! He was ecstatic.

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Having a newborn baby is a real battle. I will never be having an 8 hour long undisturbed sleep until maybe 6months. I wake up every 2 hours to feed her, to change her nappies, to check her breathing from time to time, to panic on unusual things, not to mention my annoying stitch. Struggle is so real but everything is all worth it. My princess is worth the sweat, tears, and blood. She’s worth the pain. She’s worth the battle scar, the most beautiful battle scar on earth. 

I can never thank God enough for the most wonderful gift in the whole world: my family.

 Anyways, I’m back! After juicing out these words today, I think I’m ready to be back on blogosphere. Now with Davao Bloggers Society 2.0, I am so thrilled to tell you that there will be more amazing and exciting things to watch out not just on my blog but with the whole Davao Bloggers Society!

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