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Now moving to a bigger and cozier place, Koffiepauze just reopened last January 8 in Roxas Avenue, Davao to give you that much awaited coffee break you deserve.  They were originally located in Palmetto Condo, Ma-a. 

Koffiepauze which means "coffee break" in dutch is aiming to provide a relaxed and comfortable break from the busy daily grind of their clients. Not just for every working employee, a busy boss, full-time parent, grade-stressed student but also for that just-looking-for-something-to-do person. 

One of the things I love about the place is the place itself. It's living to it's main purpose of giving the best break you've been waiting for. It gives you a very homey and relaxing feel. Yet Koffiepauze is not just all about being cozy. The food are delectably delicious. 

Breaded Porkchop

Sweet and Sour Fish

Cordon Bleu


Khani Salad

Koffiepauze Delightful Meals
But here's something you should not miss... their coffee and drinks of course!!

Jo's Koffie

Aloha Latte

Choco Cupcake

Green Apple and Tea

Kiwi and Tea
Now I tell you, Jo's Koffie Special is really a must try. A coffee taste like heaven. It is really now my favorite!

Koffiepauze also has two private rooms available to hold meetings and study groups... or just you know.. if you want something really private. 

Better visit the place now. To know more about them... visit their facebook page and you can also follow then on instagram

Ground Flr. 100 Roxas Ave. Dormitory
Roxas Ave., Davao City

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