Duterte on National Campaign Conference

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Duterte National Campaign Conference just started yesterday headed by the Campaign Manager Leoncio Evasco, Jr. It was attended by Mayor Duterte and the campaign team members from different regions and lines of work.

#TeamDuterte's goal is to mobilize the widest support for Duterte. This will rely on the power, passion, creativity and industry of the people. It is to help explain the Platform of Mayor Duterte anchored on five themes: stamp out crime and corruption, lift up people's living standards, grow the economy to benefit the many, make government relevant and responsive to the needs of the people, bring peace at home and help build peace at home and help build peace to the community of nations.

Today, Cayetano and Duterte showed up in the conference eagerly listening to the framework presented by Evasco.

"This is not for our victory but for the victory of the Filipino people." Evasco said.

"We want the best for the country. Let us give our best and Mayor Duterte will give his best to our country." Cayetano also shared his piece.

Mayor Duterte of course spoke about his platforms, programs, and his plans.

Here are snippets of his speech:

"The presidency is a long shot. The disqualification does not worry me. I am a lawyer and our Legal Team can carry us through the day."

"Have a policy not to accept money from persons or companies who do business with the government."

"There has to be an impact on poverty. It is the grinding stone of the misery of the Filipino people."

"We do not have the infrastructure for prosperity. Mega Manila is overloaded." (He is highlighting to make new airports, ports and roads.)

"I can only promise you the things I can accomplish. Nothing beyond my term."

"What I can promise you is I can stop corruption. We can start nation-building. We can start talking about peace."

"If God wants me to be there, I will arrive in Malacañang."

"If I compromise myself, I would rather not be President. The Presidency is not mine to give. It is for the Filipino People." 

"If you work for me, you are investing in the future of the country. Kasi kapag sinabi ko, talagang gagawin ko."

"You want me to prove something? Exhibit A: Davao City."

"There must be food available to every Filipino. And it must be affordable."

"Davao City has the highest economic growth in the country at 9%"

"Look behind my every cuss and curse there's the tragedy of the Filipino people. Galit ako!"

"Dito sa Davao, una ang tao. I do not like oppression."

Mugstoria will be doing an #AskDuterteCayetano campaign asking netizens to submit their question. For those of you who wants to ask questions, this photo will be posted on my Facebook page and in my Facebook account just comment your questions or you can also tweet your question with the hashtag #AskDuterteCayetano. They will be choosing questions to be asked tomorrow in the Town Hall Meeting. 

and with all these things Mayor Duterte has said..

I will qoute Evasco,

"The future of our country rests in our hands. Let's be part of history."

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