Best of My 2015

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I had so much hiatus last year and never got the chance to write about the best things that happened to me in 2015 But then in blogging... it's never too late to tell.

2015 is a year of all emotions for me.  I had my moments. Good and bad. I guess we all had. This is the year when I discovered my new mantra..

This post is flooding with photos..

In 2015,

I stepped up and got my wished position. I became a supervisor! It was one of the most life changing part of the year. It was more than a roller coaster ride. I handled few teams. Learned and grown a lot. It was an epic ride. But then I decided to end the ride just last month. Maybe because I'm not ready yet or maybe its not for me. Whatever I think my reason is..the lessons Ive learned will always be with me.
My first and last original babies with the trainers.  
My Co-supervisors and my manager. 
Leadership dinner with the leaders.

My first and last JF team.

With the originals, in this photo, as their supervisor.

I met new friends... or maybe not.  In 2015, I opened a chapter of my life book for new set of friends. New ears who listens. New sponge bobs to cry on.

Davao lifestyle and fashion bloggers at Davao Bloggers Christmas Party


Ria's Mentees

With my newest blogger friend/kabirthday Rob

Not just my agents but also my friends.

It was my year of opportunities! I've been to a lot of events as a blogger. It made me realize that there are things for me and there are things not meant for me. I pretty much discovered my real passion. And might be it is to influence people in my own little way.

Abreeza Fashion Forum with David Guison

Style Origin 2015

Social Media Day

Abreeza Fashion Forum with Monika Sta. Maria

Moda MindaNow

Getting my Asus Zenfone Selfie from Asus!

Asus ZenFan Meeting at Rekado

Trying out Water Color Lettering at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Greenwich Bloggers Day

Got my first tattoo. 

Davao Bloggers at Hair Philosophie Grand Opening

Davao Bloggers at the Davao Bloggers White Christmas Party

Meeting Kathryn Bernardo

Meeting Kathryn Bernardo

Cooking at USPB in Davao

I went to a lot of adventures this year. All are memories worth keeping. It makes me wanna do more this year.

Mati with the original team. 

at Dahican, Mati

Haze Haven with the originals. 

Mare, me and Beybi Yunger in Batangas.

In Laguna

And there goes my old friends who stayed and remained to be my best friends this year.

Bratinellas reunited. 

Twin Sissie Ana Gon

Achi in Manila

My long lost friend MC in Manila

Meeting Beybi Yunget for the first time!
Seeing the best friend in Manila

My homies!!

Watching my son grow up, learn new songs, memorize the lines of the movies he watch, recite ABC and 123 is one of the best things I witnessed this year.


Christmas with the team. 

Christmas with the family.

Christmas with the bloggers!

This year might not be what I was expecting, it was one tough ride. But every year it gets better and better. Why? Because this year I've grown so much. So much that I couldn't express it in words how much I am grateful for my experiences, my mentors, the people who made me happy, and the people who hurt me. I can't thank them enough for making me realize than I can be a better person. I thank God for every single reason He has of everything that happened in 2015. Now I am so much ready for 2016.

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