OOTD: Nailed It! Three Fabulous Ways To Wear a T shirt.

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If you are an avid reader (as if there is! Haha), you'd notice that Tshirt and Jeans is not my ideal outfit. I don't usually wear them because I think it can't be flattering especially in my body type. But there's this one shirt that I am so much loving this time. It is our company shirt. It came to me as a challenge on how to still look fab with the Tshirt!

1. Paired my Tshirt with this leather leggings I bought online and my chunky heeled sandals from Zalora.

TShirt: JF
Leather Leggings: Fashion Style for Less
Bag: SM Parisian
Sandals: Rock and Rose (Zalora)

2. I'm feeling chic and sassy. Paired this awesome shirt with a barbie skirt in the same color.

TShirt: JF
Barbie Skirt: Naked Clothing 
Bag: SM Parisian
Sandals: Rock and Rose (Zalora)

3. Paired it with black tattered shorts and slip-ons . Feeling laid back!

Tshirt: JF
Shorts: OOTD by Joyce
Bag: SM Parisian
Shoes: Chic Boxroom

I'm keeping this shirt for a lifetime! It might just be a Tshirt but it's really fab! Maybe I'd experiment more in the future!

I missed posting my OOTDs. Most of it are just posted on Instagram. But I think I have plenty of time right now. I'd be posting more!!


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