Samsung Happy Home Roadshow Kicked Off in Davao City

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I am happy to be the first ones to know how Samsung can contribute to a dream happy home each of us wanted. Showcasing their innovative Home Entertainment and Digital Appliances, it aims to present upgraded Filipino family lifestyle. 

To create one’s dream home, families want to be able to comfortably lounge around at home, enjoying life’s simple pleasures such as watching TV, munching on comfort food, or listening to good music with the family and friends. These great bonding moments will be made much  better with Samsung Consumer Electronics, which makes their new home a luxurious haven for entertainment, fun and relaxation.
This family experience was showcased during Samsung Happy Home roadshow featuring Samsung’s range of new products including televisions, home entertainment studios, and digital appliances. This provincial roadshow kicked off last September 10 at Abreeza Mall in Davao and will continue in key cities like Cagayan De oro, Cebu, Bacolod, Pampanga, Naga and Ilo-ilo throughout the year, letting more families experience and soon upgrade their dream home.
The Samsung Happy Home roadshow aims to show how families can enjoy the many conveniences and the possibilities made possible by Samsung products – all designed to meet the needs of families at every life stage and celebrate with them in every success. Regardless of family size, age and interest or location, there’s always a Samsung product that is right for everyone, with every single unit designed to surpass expectations and delight users.
“With its latest innovative, smart and high quality digital products, Samsung is once again offering a whole new home experience for the Filipino family. Through this roadshow, we hope to let more Filipinos know more how Samsung Television, Home Entertainment Solutions, and Digital Appliances can fit their everyday needs and help enhance their lifestyles,” said Lei-Lani Montemayor, Samsung Product Manager for Washing Machine.
The Samsung Happy Home roadshow showcases a line-up of products that will surely be the best upgrade every Filipino’s home – dream-come-true, smart, innovative, and happier home.

Upgrading one’s viewing experience at home to match watching a movie at a cinema is now possible with Samsung SUHD, signifying a true leap forward in technology to offer a superior viewing experience. The Samsung SUHD TV sets the standard with its nano-crystal technology and remastering picture quality engine that produce 64 times more color expression than conventional TVs and 2.5 times brighter than conventional UHD TVs. Aside from the SUHD, LED, Smart and UHD TVs were also showcased, wherein each highlighted key features, setting a higher level of advancement and functionality, as well as fitting every home.
Home Entertainment Solutions
Another treat from Samsung is the TV’s curved Soundbar, which has a multi-channel speaker and side speakers that enhance the surround sound and provide more clarity for a better TV experience – capping off the perfect life-like viewing. Meanwhile Samsung Wireless Audio 360 produces balanced sound in all directions, filling all around the room. Adding to the convenience is the built-in WiFi to control the audio system where one can listen to a different type of music per room.

Washing Machines
The old washing machine may have produced clean clothes but it fails to prevent washer’s back pains. Level up the washing experience with Samsung Activedualwash, which fused ergonomic design with state-of-the-art technology. The hands-on mom can experience great cleaning power with greater convenience and lesser back pain compared to their older washing machines. Its dedicated built-in sink, washboard and water jet right into the washer makes everything within reach, thus making the laundry process less tedious and time-consuming.


Fresh food is a must for every home, but energy efficient is an equally important concern. Recognizing this, Samsung showcased its new refrigerator line-up, the Samsung RT25, to address this concern. The Samsung RT25 has a digital inverter technology that allows it to have 33% more space while being 46% more energy efficient. Truly, Samsung RT25 upgrades Filipino households to store more and achieve their maximum storage space while at the same time saving more money and keep energy consumption at a minimum.

Smart Ovens
The Samsung Smart Oven will surely meet families’ on-the-go lifestyle as well as their need for healthy food. It has features that make it the all-in-one cooking solution, veering away from the usual only “reheating” feature of microwaves. It has the SLIM FRY technology that allows oil-free frying and grilling. Apart from upgrading the kitchen, cooking skills are about to level up with this appliance.
Being a tropical country, the Philippines’ climate is characterized by relatively high temperature and high atmospheric humidity. Addressing this need, Samsung AR7000 air conditioner features a triangular design enabling quicker, further and wider cooling. Its digital inverter system will let consumers enjoy a powerful and optimized cooling system, without increasing electricity usage and expense. It also has Virus Doctor and an easy filter to keep the air clean.

Creating one’s dream home doesn’t always mean major overhauls. By adding perfect home pieces and products from Samsung, build the dream home that will be filled with love, togetherness, convenience and entertainment.

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