My Zenfone Selfie Experience.

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I just got hold of my Zenfone Selfie over a week ago and finally got the chance to share my experience with you. This is from a personal blogger's perspective and I must say, the phone is just so awesome I fell inlove with it in an instant. If you're a fashion or a lifestyle or an events blogger, this is just the perfect phone for you. It just got everything you needed. This is not a cliche and let me list down the reasons why.

First of all the chic and stylish design of the phone goes perfect especially for my aspiring fashion blogger readers. The body dimension gives you the iphone 6 plus feels but the size is never a bother. I guess its because of the slight curve back cover design that offers a comfortable grip. It's never bulky and with it's very classy representation, it can be a fantastic accessory for your ootd, It also comes with a corning gorilla glass that cuts you out of the phone users who worry too much when you're on the go like in an event or in a rush to get to an event. The back covers are even designed to scrap scratches. It comes with kikay pastel colors and I got mine in Chic Pink!!

OOTD Post with Zenfone Selfie.

The best thing Zenfone Selfie could offer is it's ulimate camera and camera features. The 13- megapixel resolution and dual-tone flash feature will give you the selfie experience at its finest including it's beautification attributes.  But it's not just about selfies. The rear camera has the same feature that I can use for my OOTD quick post even on instagram worthy flat lay photos! All the other camera features of the phone is a plus. What's new to me is the selfie panorama and the GIF feature. It will bring out that creative side of you when you're feeling hippie for the day. 

Some photos I took from my Zenfone Selfie. 

Random Street Photo Op.

No Filter Selfie. 

Flat Lay. 

When we go down to technicalities, I only knew a few that is really essential to my daily life. The 32gb internal storage, the 3gb ram and snapdragon processor they say will make your life easier because it makes your phone faster and more efficient. I think this is the phone I can rely on when everything else fails. LOL

The only thing I was worried about is when it took time for it to charge in full. I realized I am using my Iphone charger for while charging it for the first time but then when used the charger that came with the package, I am overwhelmed of how fast the charging went. Then I found out that my charger has the fast charging factor. Now it's perfect!!

Again, this will never be a cliche, Zenfone Selfie is just the right phone for Kikay-On-The-Go bloggers.

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