ZenTalk Fan Gathering: Let's Start Talking! #SeeWhatOthersCantSee

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#OOTD with ZenSelfie

Still all hyped up, I can't just get over with ZenFones featured from the ZenTalk Fan Gathering earlier at Rekado Filipino Comfort Food.

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(c) http://dugompinoy.com/

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Amazed with the awesome community from Asus ZenTalk, I got all ears when they started talking about how awesome our new ZenFones from Asus Philippines!

Introducing the latest additions to Asus Zenfone Family are ZenFone 2 Deluxe, ZenFone 2 Laser and of course my ever favorite stylish ZenFone Selfie!

ZenFone 2 Deluxe

Premium Crafted Polygonal Design: Over 500 tessellated triangles project unique multifaceted beauty. Monster performance because of 64-bit quad-core power. Ultimate multitasking experience with 4GB Ram and boostmaster fast charging! Available in Illusion White, Fusion Blue and Illusion Purple Colors.

ZenFone 2 Laser

13MP PixelMaster Camera with Laser Autofocus, beautifully crafted with ultrathin edges, supreme SonicMaster sound experience with 5-magnet speaker chamber and corning gorilla glass that offers rock solid protection! Available in Pure Black, Ceramic White and Glamour Red.

ZenFone Selfie!

Perfect for girlies and stylish, ZenFone Selfie features 13MP Camera FRONT and REAR both with Dual Led Real Tone flash is just so awesome I couldn't just get myself over it! Available in Pure white, Aqua blue and Chick pink! Can't wait to get my own!!

We just had a fantastic time playing with the ZenFones! These photos will just tell you!

My beautified selfie!

Davao Bloggers Selfie

Indeed #ZenFone is.

Hello Zenny!

Now who's really happy with Zenny?

Lemme show you how ZenFone Selfie works:

Thank you so much Mr. Josef Cagas and Mr. Adrian Chua and team for the awesome ZenFone experience!

Which is which?

Davao Bloggers with our own Zennies! (c) http://dugompinoy.com/

Can't wait for the next ZenTalk Fan Gathering!


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