Finally, Browhaus Happened To Me!

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Davao Bloggers at BrowHaus Salon Abreeza
3W, 3rd floor
Abreeza Corporate Center

I had my brows and lashes tweaked last August 11, thanks to BrowHaus Davao for inviting us!

Going to Browhaus. Before anything happened! Lol

Lash Curl Session

After my Lash Curl Session

After my brows threaded.

i-woke-up-like-this selfie.

It was an awesome experience for someone not into it. I mean, I was never a brow or lash person until I knew Browhaus. Honestly, I never thought of tweaking something in my face but then my co supervisors just told me that I need it badly. Well, dear heavens must have love me that much I was invited to try out Browhaus and I am definitely inlove with the results and can't wait of my next brow sessions.

Pretty Tab Abad letting us know more about BrowHaus

BROWHAUS the Brow Expert’s all-in-one brow treatment Browgraphy is set to take your arches to even greater heights, giving you a complete makeover in just under an hour. Comprising a powerful duo: Color Tweak and Brow Shaping, expect total transformation as the shape and color of your brows are reworked to perfection.

 The BrowHaus Menu

What's best about Browhaus is that they take your brows so seriously - they believe that there’s always a way to make your arches the best they will ever be. Whether your brows have been likened to a lush bush or a sparse desert, we know how to design them so that they enhance your best features – you’ll be surprised at how different you could look with arches that effortlessly complement your features, skin tone and hair color. And that’s not all. The BROWHAUS menu includes complementary beauty treatments for the lashes and face, so prepare to step out of our boutiques truly transformed. 

Browhaus School 
As with all Spa Esprit brands, BROWHAUS seeks constant improvement and innovation in quality brow and lash treatment for our customers. With a strong team dedicated to researching new techniques, along with a focus on improving existing and maintaining top notch treatment and customer care standards, the BROWHAUS Training school exists to provide the best in beauty services and unforgettable brow experience for our customers. 

BROWHAUS also has its own proprietary range of makeup and face care to offer the whole face grooming package.

One thing you don't know about me is that before I was introduced Browhaus, these brows are two little virgins. Never been touched. Now I guess it's safe to say that...

Only Browhaus touches my brows. Haha


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