Bucket List Checked Off: Pole Fitness at Trimlab Davao

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I never thought I would but I did. Jesse, one of my blogger friends invited me to tryout pole fitness at Trimlab. I had that hesitation of course. Knowing myself when it comes to fitness. But curiosity consumed me so I decided to join.

And I must say, I am glad I was invited.

And just to add.. it was so painful (even our warm up session is painful. haha)  yet it was a very fulfilling experience.

Nice Interior!

Warming up

I also tried Aerial Silk...

I am pretty sure I am coming back!!

Thanks for the invitation Trimlab and Jesse

Hello classmate Mommy V. 

It was really one unforgettable exhausting yet a very amazing experience! I can't get up the next day but i's totally worth it!

Enroll now!

For reference, Trimlab has two new promos:

1 - anniversary promo at P2,000 per month for unlimited classes (selling date until october 28 only)
2 - unlimited aerial silk at P1,500 per month

Pole fitness
Dancing on a pole has long been associated with strip clubs as portrayed by various media—but contemporary practices of this performance art has brought it to dance and fitness studios. Many of the movements in pole are athletic in nature—from climbs, to spins, and body inversions. These movements require acrobatic skills: strength, flexibility and endurance.

What to expect
Students who attend the class for the first time are carefully guided through a series of conditioning exercises that stretch and strengthen muscles before climbing the pole

What to wear
Pole shorts (or really short shorts)
Sports bra or a simple tank top that reveals skin to allow the body to cling to the pole

Why it's good for you
Pole fitness helps you lose weight, tone muscles, and strengthen your core and limbs
“Over time, it also develops your flexibility and boosts self-confidence,” -Teacher Tweety

Trimlab is the first dance studio in this side of Mindanao that offers pole fitness and aerial silk classes.

2/F A. Cortez Building,
Km. 4 JP Laurel Ave., Bajada
8000 Davao City, Philippines

Class schedules
For class schedules, call 0922 859 0173 or (082) 305 0826

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