OOTD: Smart Casual for #ModaMindaNow

by - 8:34:00 PM

I attended Moda Mindanow - a Fashion Ddesign Competition (which I will be blogging about on my next post) yesterday and I was told to wear smart casual. This had always been a struggle. Smart casual is not my forte at all.. So I settled with something I am comfortable with.  So I still hope I am still in the loop.


Top: Monica's Closet
Shorts: Preloved online
Handbag: GSWAG
Platform Pumps: Forever 21

Special thanks to Ms. Olivia Carmella of OC-Craft for the photos. 

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  1. Your welcome Sunshine! Until our next #OOTD (^,^)

  2. Waaaaaaah! OMG! Hi TL Therese! I JUST visited your blooooog. Waa love it. Hihi. More OOTD PLEASE damn you're so osaaaaaaaaaam :))))))) -PLATINUM3A Fc


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