OOTD: Hey Bart!

by - 5:10:00 AM

This deserves my OOTD comeback post of course! 
Ive been eyeing on this bart midriff pullover in an instagram shop and was never sold. So I bought it and I guess it's meant to be! 

This is typically me, I know. I am aiming for a laidback but fierce style. So I think this leather mini skirt is just perfect for my now favorite pullover. I might overuse it. LOL

How bout you? Watchathink?

Bart Pullover: Love Fascinosa
Boots: Chic Boxroom



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  1. bart simpson and a pleather skirt!

    Ms. Kei

  2. Hi, I've got also a Bart Simpson Printed but it's a dress and I got from @thrifttostyle(selling pre-loved items at IG). It's a pre-loved but it was good as new. The owner said that she wear it only once, the size was too big for her that's why she decided to sell it. It was destined to mine 'cause it fits me :) Thumbs up for the pull over and leather skirt :)


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