Life As It Is. People Come And Go.

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I can never tell them enough of how much I value them and how much I miss them. I am pretty good in expressing my thoughts and my heart in words but this post isn't even enough.

There will be people in your life that as much as you want to keep them, life gets cruel sometimes and for a certain reason, life will never allow you.

These are the people I want to keep.

I must admit I was too afraid of what was laid in my table. I went too overwhelmed. It went out of hand. Unfortunately, I can't go back. But I learned my lesson pretty well. So I am officially saying goodbye with a very pretty smile in my face. 

I miss you so much guys. I might have been telling you this a million times already but you are one of the reasons why I am here. You are one of my inspirations. You are one of my motivations. That's something I am so much grateful for meeting you and belonging to you once upon a time in my life. 

I know we will still meet each other, we will bump into each other because we almost have the same schedule, we stay in the same call floor, but things will never be the same. This is a farewell to the team but not to the friendship. I love you. 

To my new Rising Stars team, I am so happy and proud to be part of you. Thank you for making me feel like I did something great for the first time I became a supervisor. Thank you for the warm welcome and for doing all your best to make me feel home, for all the efforts to make me feel I am part of the family. I am looking forward to more adventures, to more bondings, and to more succcess with you. I'm sure this won't be forever. Change is constant. But let's savor it while it last. Team, I can never love you more or love you less. I can only promise to love you in my best way and to be there for you when I am needed. 

Life As It Is. People Come And Go. 
But memories are forever.


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