What's Inside My Bag 2015

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I've been dying to write this post for long but never got the chance to.
Finally, with my 4-11 shift, I'll be having enough time to post more often.

Anyway, so I'd like to share what's inside my bag. 

And yes I am very much into floral prints.

I bought my wallet from Gaisano Grand Illustre Department Store for only 299php. I am loving the prints and the style. It has a lot of compartments.

My little gadget pouch where I store my earphones, clip lenses, power bank and charger cables is from National Bookstore.

My hardcases are from my collection. 

I am currently using an Iphone 6 from Smart, Star Mobile Knight and MyPhone ignite which I just luckily won from our company's party time raffle.

I also got these clip lenses which is very very useful for events and photograph arts and my Bavin 9000mAh power bank that always saves me from despair. I should just always remember to charge it when I'm at home. 

Lastly, aside from my Kikay Kit which I'm planning to do a separate blogpost, my Belle de Jour planner is the main reason why I have to change my bags often than usual. I maybe a fashion enthusiast but when it comes to purses, I prefer to use the same one everyday, But then, because I carry my planner everyday it makes my bag heavier which often results to broken straps. I have to change bags so they don't get overused. 

Then I have my pencil, eraser, my contact lenses, my H&M Lip balm, my Eclat inspired body spray and that's it. 

These are the things I carry in my bag everyday. They always ask me why my bag is so heavy, good thing I have a man with me to carry it for me. Lol.

Well, hope you enjoyed my post. Till next...

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