Nothing Beats Offsourcing YearEnd Party 2014

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Happy New Year everyone! I wanted to start the year right by telling you one of the most memorable night I had last year.

Offsourcing Philippines, Inc have intended to end the year with a BANG and they just didn't make it. They exceeded our expectations. It was one superbly blissful and unforgettable night for everyone.

I am actually utterly speechless but I'll try my best to look for words to best describe how amazing that night was for us.

But photos will tell more...

Themed as Winter Wonderland Rave Party, Davao Crocodile Park shined with lights and 2000 fabulous party people in blue and white last December 20, 2014. They opened the gates at 3pm so we could start pumping  with games and booze. The exciting part started dinner time, Thanks to Kookels Davao for that sumptuous dinner. I also spotted a roasted beef which was also being served. By the way, booze just overflowed. We had 5 mobile bars by Chenks with beer fountains, we also had bottles of Vodka and Tequila and Rhum  just everywhere on each and every table.

The program was hosted by our very own gorgeous manager Miranda and Steven who added glitters to the night.

But the best part was the after party. Offsourcing just brought the HOTTEST DJ in town: DJ Callum David. To be honest, I am not the kind who party a lot. Laugh at me but I could not contain the thrill and excitement when I saw him right on stage. Everyone just went crazy though, not only me. It literally rained beer and alcohol. Everyone was just jumping and dancing with the music. It was a magical night. Sad part was that I need to go back to the office and take calls at 1am. I felt like Cinderella, but it doesn't matter, I was full, I got tipsy and I had SOOO MUCH FUN! Twas more than enough.

Thanks to Ms. Aya Mequiros, Sir Jabar Umpar and their crew for coming up with this fairy tale theme and to our Three Kings Johnny, Edmund and AC for making this possible!!

It took time for me to look for an outfit. I was so excited, I don't wanna blow it up and have an after-party-outfit regrets.

Finally I found a perfect bustier top at Rainbow Project and paired it with tattered denim shorts and well my DIY tutu skirt to add glamour plus my gold boots from Chic Boxroom.

This was one TRULY OSAM night! In fact it was the best YearEnd Party ever!!!!

Anyway, this is just a kickstart. =) I'll be posting a lot more soon! Welcome 2015.

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Christl June Rosemilla:
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