My Amazing 2014

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Hey everyone! It's almost the end of January, I know I'm a little late for a year end post but I couldn't just let January pass without telling you how awesome my 2014 was. Definitely the best year so far. I know I also said this line last year that means it just gets better and better.

My Work Station

This is basically my 1st year as a working mom and made it through. It was a tough job but then thanks to my son who had been always and forever my inspiration and motivation. Happy to have wonderful attendance which is soooo not me. That was an achievement I'll always be proud to tell. I also have stepped up to being the team's POC which is a blessing. It was challenging, I had a little bit of a hard time because I aim to be very effective yet I always felt that everything I do is not enough. I am just so blessed to have a mentor who had been so patient with me. Everything is just right into its places at work.

One of my considered achievement too is that I successfully organized my little boy's first birthday party! It was an amazing experience as a mom. It's fun and blissful to see your son growing up and learn new things. My son might not remember the moment but it's somethng I could show him when he's all grown up.

I've been to great events, thanks to Davao Bloggers. I had time to meet awesome people. I am so happy and I hope this is pushing through for long. This is a dream come true,

Last September, a girlfriend from Manila went back to Davao to specd time with me and I had so much fun, I will be blogging about it soon, Though it will be a backlog. I need to blog it because for the longest time I'm here, I never explored Davao deeply and twas a great opportunity to know more about my hometown and to be with someone you care and you miss so much!

These are just few reasons why my year was awesome. Hopefully I'd be able to tell you about some of important events in my blog soon.

All I wanna say is I wanna thank God for providing me everything. For making this year awesome and unforgettable. Looking forward to another blissful year!

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