Hello September!

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Hello September!!!

I missed my blog! Like this had been my best friend but I got too busy with work and friends and just that I was not able to update from time to time. Unforgivable hiatus! Anyways, I am definitely back! So I think its gonna be time for back logs! I just had a friend who visited me here in Davao and it was a great experience. Not only that I got to spend time with her, but I was also able to tour around my city. I know! Being a mom, and a fashion consultant and an entrepreneur, yu just don't have the luxury of time to do all these things. So when I got the opportunity, I took advantage! Why not?

It took some time to decide what photo I can post here welcoming you all to "ber" months which is definitely the start of the most happy season.. been thinking of an outfit or a wefie.. but decided to post this instead...

Taken one fine sunday morning! ;)))

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