When Sally Said Goodblye

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I never really posted much about work. But one of our colleagues resigned and it was her last day of working with us yesterday. I don't exactly know the reason why but whatever it is I know for sure it's something better for her. 

We had pizza! ;) @Barrio Bistro, Obrero
We worked together since december last year. So much had happened. The team had been through a lot but yeahh... we're still strong and positive!! Cheers for that!
To our dearest Ate Sally, surely we will miss your bungisngis and your words of wisdom. This is not goodbye.. but we wish you well on your next journey.. say hi if incase we bump into each other somewhere! We love you Ate Sally! :))
Some people came and went. I guess that's how life is. Peiple come and go. So I think one of the best lessons you need to learn in life is..
Appreciate the people around you, cause you'll never know if they are there for you forever or just passing by. No matter what.. they came and make every effort for them to remember you. :)

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